Where do you find your new ideas?

Pinned to my wall is an article called “Are You Learning as Fast as the World is Changing?” The premise is that we’ve evolved to a place where we have to out-think the competition (friend or foe) to really make a splash. To learn faster, one has to “think differently about where new ideas come from.” Where do you find your new ideas?

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I find new ideas from conversing with people who are in my field.  At first, this may seem counterintuitive; wouldn’t folks in my field share many of my views and ideas?  However, given that I work in education and in the nonprofit sector, I find that nothing could be further from the truth.  I’ve met parents who became teachers, school leaders and teachers from around the world, and more.  I actively seek the various narratives and experiences that are part of education and the nonprofit sector as a whole.  You’d be surprised what people share when you simply ask: “Why?”

Answered over 2 years ago allison jones 22 from United States
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Yeah, this is great. I love gaining ideas in this manner, too and I like to think we’re pretty smart for being open in this way.


I believe God gives everyone ideas everyday!  I am inspired by many things—art, music, children, my family, outdoors as well as so-call problems.  I think plain simple things can always be done another way.  You can plan out and plant a vegetable garden so that it is as visually appealing as a flower garden would be.  Vests are jackets without the sleeves.  Cups are also ladles.  These well-known examples are just to remind us that many times ideas come to us when we feel pressure, or dislike what we’re currently seeing, or from looking at situations upside down, sideways, or through someone else’s perspective. 

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I find new ideas by talking to as many different people as possible. I went to a workshop where Scott Sherman from the Transformative Action Institute was presenting, and we did an exercise where we told 5 strangers in the room about a goal that we had. It was amazing how many resources and opportunities emerged from that exercise! I use this now to find out about new ideas in the field I’m interested in or ideas related to my goals.

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Good Day

Ideas are the generating pulse one has to implement into actions. I find my ideas when I start digging my inner potential thoughts and awakening the great giant with in my own self. Watching people, reading success stories and hitting that thing which is untouched.
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I have found some of my best ideas/solutions when confronted with an “unsolvable” or “impossible” problem or crisis that has to be solved, in whole or in part, by looking inside the problem itself or some aspect thereof. Although the application is different, the process can be readily compared to well established principles of marketing/positioning. 

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