When Has Your Life Felt Out-of-Whack?

You’re low on energy; you dread beginning the day; you’re trying to get things moving but something just feels…off.  No one likes feeling out-of-whack.  However, these can be some of the most useful moments in our lives, as they show us in black and white what isn’t working, and the changes we need to make.

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Answered over 2 years ago echoing green 933 5 from United States


Out-of-whack is the worst! One period of feeling like this that really stands out to me came in high school. Sometime around the middle of sophomore year I really started to feel like I was on the wrong path. I was making many compounding, unhealthy decisions and spending almost no time in school. Not surprisingly, many of friends were doing the same thing. Dropping out looked like the logical next step. Then I found out about an amazing program called Running Start.  Running Start lets high school students attend community college for free and earn credits towards high school graduation. I could take almost any classes that I wanted on a schedule of my own choosing. Pretty quickly I switched over to attending community college full time. I worked hard and excelled. By the time I was taking college interviews, admissions counselors were a bit confused by my two sloppy years of high school. Eventually I was able to find a college appreciated why I chose to opt-out of public high school. When I reflect back on that out-of-whack period, it’s hard to remember exactly what I was feeling. I certainly remember feeling sad, tired, and lonely. It is clear that I was not being stimulated or creating positive solutions for my boredom. When I have come into out-of-whack periods since then, I try to remember that the change I made wasn’t so much about attending a new school, but finding the opportunities and resources that I didn’t realize were already waiting for me.

Answered over 2 years ago tallybower 289 3 from United States


Everything starts to feel out-of-whack for me when I don’t have a healthy balance of sleeping, eating, and exercising. When I lose that balance, most likely because I have too much on my plate, I have trouble focusing on anything, even the things I care about deeply.

Answered over 2 years ago rebecca.kaufman03 45 3 from United States


When I feel out-of-whack I know I am walking off a path I should be on, on a path that has become so familiar & stale and I need to cross a sea or risk losing out on something new and beautiful. Out-of-whack is a good check for me; it is often a time to embrace nothingness to discover something special. I ask: 'What's wrong with this picture?' It is a time to ask questions and bravely answer them, even when the truth is a bitter pill to swallow. For a creative person out of whack is the moment of truth. A writer/artist will tear up a story/art s/he painstakingly wrote/created for months and begin again. S/he matters but the audience he his creating the story/art for matters more.  How long can we lie to ourselves or others?

 I have felt out-of-whack a number of times in my life. Out-of-whack tells me I am wasting precious time but it oddly guides me. I have quit a course that was taking time and adding little value and a job when all I had to do was same old same old, with no innovation, the meetings sounded same, the people clinched to old ideas. Out-of-whack has made me find meaning and purpose in life, to do work that matters, to devote my time to things, ideas and people that matter, are greater than me and make the world a better place. Out-of-whack made me volunteer, start You.Dig.It a project on self-directed learning, creating opportunities for young people to create their future/jobs and made me take up a job at social innovation/technology nest where I had volunteered at my out-of-whack moment. I was approached for a job there a year later. Your out-of-whack moment may be your moment of truth.

Answered over 2 years ago betricebunoluwa 2 from unknown