What Would You Do If You Could Not Fail?

Ever had an idea that was so crazy you were sure it would fail? Want to end the death penalty in America, save the endangered pink mucket, or get the Wall Street Journal to publish your anti-capitalist op-ed? Fear can stop us from taking responsibility for the problems in the world or taking smart risks for the greater good. Remove fear from the equation and tell us, what would you do if you could not fail? 

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What would the world look like if the success of the greatest thinkers and doers was based partly on how well they failed?  Check out this great video about the failures of some of the world’s greatest thinkers. 

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about 2 years ago exdir1 said:

Awesome video! Thanks for sharing it.


If I could not fail I would end capitalism and the money/debt system. I would build a house + farm, and live there sustainably. I would teach other people how to do the same. I would create a system that allowed anyone to do this, regardless of wealth. I would occasionally travel to cities for brief, intense periods.

Answered over 2 years ago tallybower 289 3 from United States


Rock climb like Alex Honnold. Awe-inspiring.

Answered over 2 years ago lara galinsky 97 3 from United States


Finish writing my book!

Answered over 2 years ago linda kay klein 142 4 from United States
about 2 years ago exdir1 said:


I hope you will finish writing your book anyway. I am also writing a book. What is your book about?

almost 2 years ago linda kay klein said:

@exdir1 My book is about the intersection of women, sex, and God. How about yours?

almost 2 years ago exdir1 said:

Sounds fascinating; love to hear more about it. My book refutes the widely-accepted and long-held position of scholarship that George Washington was not a deep thinker and was intellectually inferior to the other founding fathers. In the process it examines such issues as religion, morality, patriotism, public virtue and happiness.

Are you familiar with the John Templeton Foundation? If not, you might be interested in some of their work and find them a great resource for research for your book; you also might be interested in participating in their “Big Questions Online” discussions from time to time. The current discussion (only open for the next 3 or 4 days) is on the question, “Is God Wholly Separate from the Material Universe?” https://www.bigquestionsonline.com/

Really interesting and well worth taking the time to explore. Main URL is http://www.templeton.org/

Their publishing arm is Templeton Press at http://templetonpress.org/. Two of their 4 Themes & Initiatives are “Science and the Big Questions” and “Health and Spirituality.” They also publish the Templeton Science and Religion series.

almost 2 years ago ryanh said:

@exdir1 Your book idea on George Washington is an interesting concept. What lead you to explore this idea?


“Don’t play it safe. Resist the seductions of the cowardly values our society has come to prize so highly: comfort, convenience, security, predictability, control. These, too, are nets. Above all, resist the fear of failure. Yes, you will make mistakes. But they will be your mistakes, not someone else’s. And you will survive them, and you will know yourself better for having made them, and you will be a fuller and a stronger person."

This quote from author William Deresiewicz inspired us to stop being afraid of failure.

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If failure was not in the cards, I would spend the money (roughly US$550,000) to set up a system of solar panels in Coron, Palawan (Philippines) so that the locals do not have to rely on diesel or petrol powered generators for 4 – 12 hours everyday.  As the sun beats heavily on the island which usually has clear blue skies (hardly a cloud in sight during the dry season),  harnessing solar energy makes complete sense.  As the populace cannot afford the expensive panels, I would buy or rent a piece of property in the protected areas near the airport and save the energy produced in portable car batteries which the locals can easily transport for use on their tourist boats, cars /vans & simple lighting & charging needs (phones, laptops, etc.) at home.  I would keep the set-up sustainable by collecting fees for the fully charged batteries.

Answered over 2 years ago chief hopper 41 from Philippines


Have a farm and open a restaurant!

Answered over 2 years ago ericajadelock 16 from United States
over 2 years ago jay g said:

Love this.


Run for president!

Answered over 2 years ago limegreenpeach 6 from United States


Failure is an event not a person. If there would be no fail process than the term fail do not exists in the dictionary. If it not happens than I will spend my saving , purchase a world’s greatest ship and sail the whole world.

Answered about 2 years ago salman ali khan 53 from Pakistan