What step should I take to solve environmental problems in marginalized or disadvantaged socities

It is not common for communities in the disadvantaged areas to mind environmental calamities like erosion or earthquakes, unless they see them happen indoors. People mind about how they will survive 'today' in order to see 'tomorrow'. I was studying Geography in one of the high schools in Morogoro Tanzania between 2007 and 2009 where I would see two friends hanging in a semi valley that was forming itself underground. I could not ask them any question because I could not know their intention. I went to school and shared it with my classmates. We went altogether and proved that there were some symptoms of rift valley. It was eating along the college buildings.

I have gone again this year and saw it advancing. Our fellow neighbors are not interested in studying it though it is going to cause threats in the future. When I went across Environmental Impact Assessment notes, I discovered that it was a problem, but WHAT STEP CAN I USE TO RESCUE THIS ENVIRONMENT?. My community and the government where I live have no concern about individual researches. Let you help me discover the solution.
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Hello Nicholaus-
It sounds like you are facing a very challenging and frustrating problem. Would it be possible to do some of the research yourself and then present it to people who could help your cause? What do you think needs to happen to prepare the community for the future growth of the rift?

I’m sure you are not the only person this giant hole. Maybe you can make a partnership with a group that also wants to help.

Answered over 2 years ago tallybower 289 3 from United States


Good suggestion to work on. Thanks tally

Answered over 2 years ago nicholaus mlangwa 58 from Tanzania, United Republic of