What's Your New Year's UnResolution?

Sometimes the best thing to do is preceded by one word: “don’t.” 

As we begin the new year, we challenge you to create a not-to-do list that will help you push past your biggest barriers to living and working on purpose. And here’s the best part: You get to decide what that means.

Identify one thing you can cut out of your work life to make more room for social impact. For example, you may want to designate one hour a day as email-free. Or stop worrying that your boss likes your colleagues more, and just do great work. 

What could you stop doing?

Read more, and then post your response below.

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One thing I will most certainly stop doing this year is sleeping late no matter how much work I have. In the past year, I discovered that spending long night hours working and depriving myself of sleep badly affected my work output the following day.

Answered over 1 year ago the student 1357 from United States


My UnResolution:

Don’t forget that everyone, no matter how “successful” or “unsuccessful” has a valid opinion that should be taken into consideration — whether the opinion is for a business, concept, or even something in your personal life life — at least “hearing” what other people have to say is never a bad thing
Answered over 1 year ago doamore 8 from United States


One thing to cut out of my life? Sweating the small stuff.

- Jesse Chen
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Answered over 1 year ago jchen 26 from United States


To get out of my way.

Answered over 1 year ago why can't i just answer the question? 29 from unknown