What one habit would you shed? Embrace?

What is one habit that you REALLY want to change? Something that would drastically improve the quality of your life. Why haven't you changed it yet? What steps are you going to take RIGHT NOW to make it happen? What is one habit you REALLY want to embrace? Why do you think it would make you think it would consistently increase the quality of your life?
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I think that I multitask too much, in that I use it as a distraction from doing certain projects. I’ll only spend 10-15 minutes on something before switching to something else. I’ve been trying to work on one specific thing in at least 30 minute intervals like in this article, but I haven’t been great about it yet: http://the99percent.com/tips/7032/A-Day-Without-Distraction-Lessons-Learned-from-12-Hrs-of-Forced-Focus

As for good habits, I almost always go to bed before midnight, a habit that I enjoy embracing!
Answered over 2 years ago laura_white 150 4 from United States
over 2 years ago jay g said:

I’m with you Laura! I’ve always been a good multi-tasker, but I recently began wondering if I’m losing focus on the present.


Going to sleep waaay to late!! If I could only force myself to go to bed earlier, life would be so much clearer :–)

Answered over 2 years ago lara galinsky 97 3 from United States
over 2 years ago viarenuble said:

I share your bad habit! I have tried to mitigate this by making sure that I go to bed by midnight regardless of open tasks. By sticking to this schedule I am able to optimize my quality of sleep and I feel the improvement in my performance level the next day.

over 2 years ago jay g said:

@viarenuble @laragalinsky Totally agreed.