What keeps you moving? (Bouncing Back)

After you fail or make a mistake, what strategies do you use to refocus and continue working towards your goals?
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This is a perfect question. Looking forward to seeing all of the ideas people bring to the table. For me, I step away from whatever it is, and usually end up in kitchen. Making a new dish always brings me back to normal.

Answered almost 3 years ago jay g 131 2 from United States


My faith and belief that I was born with a purpose, and pre-destined for success,  I believe in myself, and constantly read motivational, inspirational, faith based materials.

Answered almost 3 years ago virtulady 10


To refocus, I think it’s important to step away from the mistake – bouncing back, exactly like you say. So, after acknowledging a mistake and figuring out what I’ll do differently in the future, I like to step away from it and refocus on parts of my goals that are going well. It helps put mistakes into perspective to realize that mistakes and even larger failures aren’t all encompassing.

Answered almost 3 years ago rebecca.kaufman03 45 3 from United States


When I go for a run, I envision myself outrunning (not running from!) all my problems, failures, stresses, etc. A successful run often leaves me with new ideas & solutions, makes me feel like all that junk is SO YESTERDAY, and that I can totally move forward with my day/life.

Answered almost 3 years ago liza 95 1 from United States


I like to modify my body and surroundings after a big failure or disappointment to turn the page on the experience. I mull over failure a lot and easily let frustration get the best of me. Thinking about the same things over and over and over again is the worst.Having a hard reset is really important to me. Generally anything disruptive to your routine can be helpful. Little things like taking new routes places or bigger ones like starting new projects. I like to suck out everything I can learn from examining failure and then try to forget all of the negative feelings while holding onto the lessons. If you have the time and resources, go somewhere in nature to ease your mind. Even an afternoon or morning in nature can be helpful.

Answered almost 3 years ago tallybower 289 3 from United States


This is a good one… :)

When I fail at something, I take a moment and allow myself to truly ‘feel’ the disappointment. I sit in stillness with the feeling and I let it embrace me. This usually involves lots of tissues (or whatever the closest thing around me that suffices!).

Then I ask myself why I’m so upset. What did I lose? What about that hurts? Wherein, truly, lies the disappointment? What’s beneath the surface of that disappointment that I’m not acknowledging? I make sure to remind myself that disappointment, sadness, grief, failure all are things we feel when something doesn’t go the way we expected, hoped, intended, dreamed.

Then I ask myself what I’m left with besides the feeling of sorrow. What will I take away from the experience? What did I learn? What is the value of those lessons?

In my being (I say being because it comes from every cell of my body, not just my heart), I know that everything truly happens for a reason. If a relationship doesn’t work out or I don’t get the job I applied for… I know that it was the seeking, the attempt, the process, the education that is of value. I also know that whatever I lost was not ever mine to begin with and that something better and more suited to me is out there and with each attempt, I am one step closer to MY true path.

I can’t think of the quote right now but there’s one out there that basically says that sometimes we have to let go of the life we dreamed of having so that we can make room for the life we couldn’t possibly have imagined.

A great example of this is Goldie Hawn. She always wanted to be a dance teacher with her own studio but her career just kept taking her places she never could have imagined… and look at her now. :)

And what keeps me bouncing back? Well, I've just never been one who could stay down for very long. :P After I've allowed myself a good cry/rant/temper tantrum :) - I ask myself a few more questions... 1) Do I want to try for this again? 2) If so, what should I do differently this time? 3) If not, what do I want to do *instead*. 4) What do I need to do to ensure that I'm ready when I'm finally successful. :) This last question is especially important because sometimes, we are told 'no' because we're just not ready yet...

Essentially, I lick my wounds for a bit, do some thinking/evaluating, reassess my priorities and get right up off my butt and head into the next round. :)

Answered almost 3 years ago genevieve chase 32 from United States


One word: YOGA!!

Answered almost 3 years ago lara galinsky 97 3 from United States