What keeps you going when the road gets rough?

We recently spoke with inspiring teacher Jose Vilson about what keeps him going when the road got rough. His answer? A deep desire to see African-American and Latino kids beat the odds, as he did. How about you? What keeps you working on purpose despite the challenges?

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“When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”

Having a community of supporters and a vision of the future is what keeps me going when the road gets rough. Through several intrapreneurship experiences and my current entrepreneurship endeavor, I’ve learned to “step back” when things are rough to evaluate the situation end-to-end in the context of all those who support me and the mission as well as the mission itself. It’s incredibly helpful in motivating me as well as re-pivoting me to better execute my efforts.

Anyone who has tried to do anything of meaning knows how powerful belief in a vision can be. JFK’s “by the end of this decade, we will go to the moon”, MLK’s “I have a Dream”, Gandhi’s free India, Bill Drayton’s social entrepreneurship ecosystem, Teach for America, College Summit, etc etc etc. 

In my opinion, vision is what really gets you going at the start. Community must be present to keep you going after that. And when it gets rough, I need both of them to get going again.

– Jesse Chen
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Answered almost 2 years ago jchen 26 from United States


The certainty that i will get to my destination.My focus is on my goal and not the process.Despite the rough road, i keep going, with my head raised high….

Answered over 1 year ago bisolascott 2 from unknown


My tomorrow and good future of every person in my village to change and enjoy life that is desired , people doing what is desired of them that is protective ,friendly  and self involvement of every one and ....................thats all to keep hope alive

Answered almost 2 years ago funnah 4 from unknown


Connecting to my purpose of increasing opportunities for young people in Africa to have better lives through helping them discover their gifts that have been buried deep inside them. As a young leader I have learnt that “my place of service in my place of leadership” Dr. James Magara.

I’m therefore using my work as a coach to reach out young people.

In Uganda where I live we have the highest number of young people in the world with almost 70% of the population below 35 years. Unemployment is also more prevalent in this age group.

I feel that I have an obligation to fulfil my calling to open doors for young people to discover gifts and use them to make this world a better place.  Giving up on this purpose will be like sentencing young people to a ‘destitute life’. Who would want that?  Every day I wake up pondering on how to make a difference in the lives of young people. So come let us work together to get the 'music out' of the hearts of all the young people out there.


Answered almost 2 years ago pitamagara 6 from Uganda


when i pass the roads i can see many old mens and womens sitting near the streets,begging food.people are busy in their own world,not minding the poor people around them.its not their problem that makes them this situation,its the less motiviation that they had got in their young old days.

Answered almost 2 years ago akashbaby 4 from unknown


The hope for a better road ahead or when I shall come back through the road. I keep walking to feel its need for me. And to make a determination that I need to do something to make the road smoother.

Answered almost 2 years ago farrukhakbar 2 from Bangladesh


A hope to reach  my destination what ever the condition is"LIFE IS A CHALLENGE FACE IT".

Answered over 1 year ago sajaurraza 2 from India


it is the belief in the basic goodness of humans and nature that keeps me going even when i encounter rough patches. i get inspired when i see someone helping another person or animal and feel elated when ‘weaker’ people pull down the barriers and move forward with a purpose!

Answered over 1 year ago writetosree 2 from India