What is the importance of using academic certificates in employment systems?

Long time ago my friend forged the academic certificates in order to be recruited for national service. He successfully joined the national army and completed the coarse. During his working as a commander he was awarded a number of prizes for being a good worker. Unfortunately he has been caught for forgery, and forgery is an offense.

My question is What is the importance of using academic certificates in employment systems if one could work efficiently without them?
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Hey Nicholaus-

I am always shocked when I find out about cases of resume fraud/forgery. I am especially surprised when the cases involve very successful business people. One recent example is Scott Thompson, the former Yahoo CEO who falsely claimed to have a computer science degree. If someone has done amazing work, why does it matter what academic certificate they have? Usually when people get fired for forgery it is because of the larger integrity issue their lie brings up, not the quality of their work. I think academic certificates remain important because they serve as a guaranteed baseline of competence and commitment.

It is obvious then many people can do excellent work without a degree, but it is hard to imagine a new system of certification that retains the efficiency of the degree system. A portfolio and competency based approach seems like a great solution, but creates extra work for employers. 

You might want to read this Huffington Post article outlining a few more similar cases.

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This is a really interesting story, thank you for sharing. I think that there are too many academic certificates out there that do not really tell us about what a person has accomplished. I’ve heard a lot of stories lately about people getting in trouble for misrepresenting themselves on their resumes. I think we need to move to a portfolio system, where people are evaluated based on the work they produce and testimonials from bosses and co-workers. 

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First of all I am sorry for what happened to your friend. Forgery is an offense so it is just right to punish him. I can get your point. You are right, these certificates aren’t a real proof that a person is really capable of doing the job properly, but for many years, it has been practiced. It’s part of the culture. After all, it’s also his fault since he did not abide the law. He must have known from the start that due to fake certificates, he might be caught and send in jail. For now, I think he needs a payday loan to find a good attorney to defend him on court.

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