What is...and what could be...the purpose of higher education today?

If going to college no longer guarantees you’ll get a job, what is the purpose of higher education today? And what could it be?


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I think that currently, higher education is about getting a stamp of approval: a degree. It would be better if people could create their own learning plans and use resources and communities from universities, social networks, and other groups to accomplish them. Ideally, those communities would have their own ways to recognize learning, and people could compile all of those forms of recognition into a portfolio. 

Answered almost 3 years ago laura_white 150 4 from United States
almost 3 years ago linda kay klein said:

I love your portfolio idea. We often hear that employers are less interested in what college you went to than in what you DID there….

almost 3 years ago nate said:

Similar to the idea of a creating your own learning plan, I like the idea of replacing a four year degree into a series of “stackable” credentials or programs…this might look like breaking up a broad field of study into a series of 4-5 course mini-programs that you could mix and match to build an educational path that’s more interdisciplinary and more customized to your interests and goals.

This would allow students to finish school with a variety different concentrations or credentials (maybe eight or nine difference specialties) that combine to something unique and specific to them, rather than a single degree that doesn’t fit their goals as closely. This might also encourage students to treat higher education as less of a four year destination and more as something that they go back to a number of times (maybe four years spread out of seven or eight years with a couple of forays into full time employment mixed.) That might give students more of a directed idea about what best suits them and encourage them to treat their first few years in the workforce as an integrated part of their ongoing education.


Changing mind set and waking up the pulse in generating a feeling of doing for the masses.

Answered over 2 years ago salman ali khan 53 from Pakistan