What have been the most inspiring books you have read?

I really like the sci-fi books of Samuel Delaney, Octavia Butler and zines by artist Kay Kay Kay. But I want to know what books have inspired people to live more interesting lives? 

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1. HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD  - David Bornstein. This book really pushed me to unleash the Social Entrepreneur in me to achieve great things.

2. The Lean Start-up by ERIC RIES 

Answered almost 3 years ago abbeydot 26 from NG
almost 3 years ago tallybower said:

Thanks, I will check those out!


The Autobiography of Pramahansa Yogananda – Wonderful wonderful book that illustrates the power of faith and the transformation that occurs when you take the time the listen to your heart.

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Awesome, I have not seen that one before!


Leaving Microsoft to Change the World; The Alchemist; A Lotus Grows in the Mud; Three Cups of Tea; Steering By Starlight; Finding Your Way in a Wild New World; Follow Your North Star; Getting Unstuck; Think and Grow Rich…

When I think of some more, I’ll post but this is a pretty long list already. : ) I will say that different books have found me at different times of my life. Sometimes maybe it’s just one chapter in a book, or a quote.

Different people will mention the same book to me in the same week or one will be given to me as a gift. Maybe it ‘jumps out at me’ at the book store…

It’s like going on a treasure hunt. I’m always watching for clues and signs! Right now, I’m reading a book by Joseph Campbell that my coach gave me as a gift and I’m listening to Finding Your Way in a Wild New World by Martha Beck. Both are AMAZING books. :)

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Which Joseph Campbell book are you reading? I’m a big fan.

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@linda kay klein It erased my answer… I didn’t realize we couldn’t post more than once to the main thread. Good to know! :)

It’s Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces. It’s a difficult read for me but I hope that at some point I’ll find others I can discuss it with… maybe a class at school or something. :)

almost 3 years ago linda kay klein said:

@genevieve chase I have been reading that book in bits and pieces for years. If you are in NYC, maybe we can get a few people together for a book club on it!

Dr. Jeffrey Sachs' 2 books on poverty reduction and sustainable economic development: 
The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time (Feb 28, 2006) and Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet (Mar 18, 2008), are must reads for anyone in the field.
(See Eric Nee's Summer 2010 article on Jeff Sachs in Stanford Social Innovation Review)
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