What experiences have been most helpful to you in finding your purpose?

What learning experiences helped you identify how you want to change the world?
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Jump in! There’s no better way to know if you care about something then to do it. For me, this has meant travelling and engaging diverse groups to find out what they care deeply about. It’s easy to feel guilty in the face of the righteous, and easy to become righteous when you find your purpose. But, if you give yourself some critical distance as you engage a variety of paths, it will also be easy to be honest with yourself about what you actually care about. This picture is of everything I owned while travelling for a year exploring innovative digital media production.   

Answered over 2 years ago tallybower 289 3 from United States


First, it is personally doing something I never ever thought I could do. Once you can say…“I did that!” there is no turning back. Then it is experiecing struggle and hardship-both firsthand and through others I love. That helps refine and fuel my purpose everyday!

Answered over 2 years ago lara galinsky 97 3 from United States


Failure in things that meant the world to me have somehow been instrumental in helping me find my purpose. As surprising as it may sound

Answered over 2 years ago rare 6 1 from United States


Thanks! I think one of my best learning experiences was participating in Ashoka U. I learned a lot about myself, social entrepreneurship, and the need for innovation in higher education. It inspired me to reform education to help everyone play a part in social innovation.

Answered over 2 years ago laura_white 150 4 from United States


make a attempt to solve own problems before correcting others…………..the life changes there

Answered over 2 years ago meetmadhukondikar 6 from India


Looking at what I’m most passionate about changing, speaking about, doing something about. What it is that motivates me to take action.

Answered over 2 years ago themissionmentor 11 from unknown