What Does The World Need From You?

This is one of the great questions of our time, a question often better answered by still deeper questions than by traditional “answers.” And sometimes, that is exactly the point.

Submit an idea before December 12th for how you would spend $500 to explore the question “What does the world need from you?” Would you attend a conference on an issue you care about such as poverty or injustice? Would you buy a train ticket to a city you feel called to serve and interview people about their needs? Or perhaps you would go to a monastery and learn how monks live the question in their daily lives?

Then rally your friends and colleagues to give your submission a "thumbs up." The individual with the most thumbs-up will receive a $500 mini-grant to follow through on their submission. A second $500 mini-grant will be presented to an individual selected by a panel of judges from the top ten highest voted ideas.  Winners will be announced the week of December 19th.

The challenge is running in conjunction with Ask Big Questions

Panel of Judges:

Rabbi Josh Feigelson, Educational Director of Ask Big Questions

Sheila Katz, Associate Director of Ask Big Questions

Linda Kay Klein, Director of Work on Purpose for Echoing Green

This challenge is CLOSED.

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To be a medium.

Is a vote as good as a voice in the democracy of a poverty-stricken country? If you were a person surviving on less than $2 a day, would you be willing to vote for a person who offered your family food for a week? There’s a high chance that you would. There’s an even higher chance that you would be forced to ignore the fact that in every election you found yourself voting for a candidate in exchange for a week of food but never in exchange for the long-term change that was promised to you many times.

In countries like India, votes can be bought with a meal or a day’s wages. Are these votes an adequate representation of what the average person demands from their democratic system of government? I think not.

While $500 can't change an entire democratic system, $500 can make heard the voices that are usually repressed by poverty. With $500, I plan to ask people at the bottom of the income pyramid this question: If you could be Prime Minister for a day, what are the top three things you would do to ensure that your daily life would be easier afterwards? I plan to interview people belonging to various age groups in at least 3 different states in India. I also plan to make it a point to interview people in agricultural and fishing communities, as well as people living in urban slums. Afterwards, I’d like to upload the video on a website like YouTube, where it can be viewed by the world. People living in poverty should have the right to make their voices heard, even if they can’t do so through a vote.

The world needs me to be a medium, because right now that may be the best thing I can be. Since I don't yet know the answers I will get to my question, I don't know where they will lead me. But even just the process of being a medium should help me figure out where I should go next.

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Hello! You have been selected by our judges as the winner of the challenge. Please email news@echoinggreen.org to claim your prize.



I am a 25-year-old student of Human Medicine and Surgery. Born in Kamwokya; one of the most impoverished slums in Uganda, I grew up in an environment characterized by lack of opportunity, poverty, crime, drugs and poor health. As thus, I harnessed a sense of social responsibility and an insatiable desire to give back to my community. At 20, I used my savings from part-time jobs to create a social enterprise focusing on; job creation, health, education and youth empowerment. I started a farm that today employs over 50 people seasonally and a health centre seeking to improve access to quality health in semi-urban and rural areas.  For my endeavors I won the Your Big Year global social entrepreneurship competition out of over 60,000 contestants from 221 countries. I thus got the opportunity to take a gap year to volunteer with Social responsibility projects in 5 continents. 

I believe that my life story thus far, is one of perseverancehard work and belief that no matter one's background or economic status we all have potential o make a difference in our communities. I will use this mini grant to attend a social entrepreneurship workshop to learn more from other social entrepreneurs and to organise workshops for my fellow young people to share my experiences, inspire, motivate and empower them to begin an entrepreneurial journey as well.

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its so heart taking, thanks

about 2 years ago winnie serunjogi bbm said:

@veronica valz kn truly it is! His work has been an inspiration to many of us over the years.

about 2 years ago winnie serunjogi bbm said:

You are an inspiration charles to many young people around the world. Keep the flame burning. We are proud of you in Uganda.

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Wow this is a great inspiration to every one. thanx

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This is what the world really needs for sure!! its a key to great success. thank you very much! this is awesome

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I wont tire saying this! WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU CHARLES! Behind you all the way. Wish you the best.

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net has been so poor here. but all thesame I think I ve finally managed to make. happy to say that am inspired.

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This is really the key to a great future its a great inspiration thanx

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we love you Charles….. and we all have you on heart…….. because you are our role model………..


To deny myself and live for a cause much greater than myself. Have you imagined what kind of world this would be, if we all look past our own selves and reached out to help someone in need? Sometimes the reason why we don’t reach out is because we do not realize that half of what we possess and now claim as our own was given to us because someone denied themselves for a cause that was much bigger than himself or herself.

In the journey of caring for a cause greater than ourselves, we may be shock to realize that we are living footprints that we never intended to leave behind. Does this mean that we become less aware of our own personal struggle, most certainly not? But when we tend to another’s need and struggle, eventually someone in the world will tend to our need. As someone wise once said, this is what makes our generation different from all the others” we are foolish enough to believe we can change the world through our ideas, and hungry enough to try it. “

Your $500 will help three Haitian families in Picmy La Gonave Haiti __) Giving back, when I am personally in need, that’s what the world need from me.  

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Otukpo community needs safe drinking water from me and some concerned youth in Otukpo. Otukpo is a community in Benue State, North Central of Nigeria. Otukpo is the part of the World I live in. We the youth have organized ourselves at the Bridge Youth Empowerment Organization to pursue a dream to bring safe portable drinking water to ourselves and people living in our community before the end of 2013. This is an idea we are just initiating. Therefore, we will spend the $ 500 doing research and gathering as much information we need to strategically engage our elected officials. The information will enable us collaborate with our government to bring about safe drinking water in Otukpo community. Some of the money will be used to purchase megaphone, print fliers for awareness creation and also help us in transport expenses to meet and engage our elected officials.


Nothing happens when nobody does anything. We have chosen to do something and that is to bring safe water for our people to relief the pain and suffering we all go through during dry season like now. We believe Government has capacity and the will to deliver, so we want to help Government deliver.

Please help us achieve this dream by clicking the “thumbs-up” icon to the left to enable us win the grant of $ 500 to follow our dream.

Thanks and God bless you.

My name is Marcus Edibogi Akor.

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What does the world need from me? 
Creative employment solutions for developmentally disabled adults. 

What makes this issue so important?
1 of every 88 individuals in the United States has an autism spectrum disorder. This means that more children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with AIDS, diabetes, and cancer combined. I'm especially concerned with autism, because it is often misunderstood as a "childhood" disorder. In reality, autism is a lifelong disability, and families across America are struggling to find a place in society for their aging autistic family members. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest challenges facing the United States today-- we are just beginning to understand the complexities of autism and adulthood. 

Why am I the person to fix this problem?
My name is Sara Mae, and my sister has autism. For the past nineteen years of her life, I have witnessed the struggles of the autism community first-hand. I know how hard it is for families who are touched by this disability, which is why I'm founding a nonprofit organization with the aim of making life just a little bit easier for families affected by autism. 

What is my plan of action?
My start-up nonprofit organization, The Autism Initiative, strives to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by autism spectrum disorders. The long-term goal of The Autism Initiative is to open a series of bakery-cafes to employ adults on the autism spectrum. At present, we are working to secure property and open the first "Puzzles Bakery & Cafe" in the Capital Region of New York State in 2013. 


The Autism Initiative is committed to improving the livelihood of individuals, families, and communities affected by autism spectrum disorders.


At Puzzles Cafe, we achieve this mission by:

• providing meaningful employment opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities
• promoting an attitude of acceptance and understanding within the community
• offering a welcoming space for enriching programs, activities, support group meetings, and workshops to take place


Believing in a truly inclusive society, The Autism Initiative aspires to open many more bakery-cafes in communities affected by autism across the United States. 

So, what would I do with $500?
It costs $850 for The Autism Initiative to file Form 1023 with the IRS and be granted tax-exempt status. I would put the $500 toward the $850 filing fee. The Autism Initiative just needs a little seed money to get started-- once we become a registered 501(c)(3), we'll be able to apply for many more grants and receive tax-deductible donations.

Want to learn more?
Please visit our website!

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about 2 years ago katapala mwisho said:

try the fellowship

about 2 years ago sara mae hickey said:

Thanks, @katapalamwisho! I will most certainly try!

about 2 years ago emily hickey said:

Keep up the good work!

about 2 years ago drewda said:

If you feel like non-profit status is what’s currently holding you back, another option is to find a fiscal sponsor. You’re able to receive tax-deductible donations and apply for grants using the non-profit status of your sponsor organization. Many organizations that provide fiscal sponsorship also offer advice and guidance on the mechanics of running a non-profit initiative.

Here’s a place to start reading: http://www.grantspace.org/Tools/Knowledge-Base/Funding-Research/Definitions-and-Clarification/Fiscal-sponsorship

Best of luck!

about 2 years ago sara mae hickey said:

Thanks so much, @drewda! I agree, a fiscal sponsorship is definitely something to consider, even while The Autism Initiative is working (and waiting!) to attain our own nonprofit status. I really appreciate you sharing this information, and I will definitely get in touch with local nonprofits to find a potential sponsor.



So I was searching for this “thing.” I’m not sure what it was, and I came to college searching for an answer, and found it. The “thing” was the moment- the moment when a small act of kindness or an afternoon of service can change someone’s life or an entire community for the better. Before, I was blindly doing service with no understanding of the true impact it was creating. I really knew I got it last year when I went to New Orleans over winter and spring break.

Over winter break, I went to New Orleans with the Marching Virginian’s to the Sugar bowl. We had a great time, stayed near the French Quarter, ate beignets, walked the river, lost a football game and came home with some but very little regard to the effects Katrina was still having on the city.  Then, over Spring break I helped lead a service-learning trip to New Orleans that painted a much different picture than jazz, art and sports of my trip prior. Our service work was with Rebuilding Together, a non-profit that is devoted to rebuilding communities in and around New Orleans. We were painting Mrs. Banks house in Algiers and I was talking with our project manager. He told me that painting her house would change the entire neighborhood, when her neighbors saw how nice her house looked, they would begin to take pride in their homes and the entire neighborhood would lift itself up. We were planting the seed to revitalize the entire community.

For the learning portion we took a tour of the 9th ward and saw huge patches of grass where homes used to be. We saw the bayou destroyed by human activity and learned that most of New Orleans residents get there food from convenience stores. It was through the learning that I made the bridge from blindly doing service to becoming a conscientious citizen- when I realized that what I was there to do mattered. It’s why the world needs me to create momentum. Momentum is the ability to not only physically participate in acts of service but mentally and emotionally invest ourselves and others in it as well.

Momentum is how change is created. How walls were brought down, peace treaties made and homes were built. It’s how New Orleans is rebuilding itself and how the East Coast will do the same. It’s how social media puts people into action by giving the most up to date information on where the most urgent care is needed, and how international movements begin. It’s why I’m taking 15 amazing, dedicated and eager students back to New Orleans for a second year. To show them that painting house is only a piece of the picture- that we are helping ignite a fire under a community that needs to be reminded that it is not forgotten.

When I was an intern for Echoing Green, part of my parting gift was a tote bag that says “Think Big, Be Bold, Drive Change.” When I left, I was still thinking about what that meant. Even a year and half later, I think about what that means. As an Ask Big Questions Fellow, I see the world through questions that help our group go beyond just fixing up a house- and help me think deeply about what my tote bag truly calls on me to do. How big do I need to go? What does it mean to be bold? How can I drive others to change the world when the world is so vast? I still haven’t figured that out- but I have figured out this: I have the power to move people in a direction they have never gone before, out of their comfort zone and into something incredibly complex, confusing and wonderful. My passion, as personal and strong as it may be, has the ability to rally people together for a cause unknown and greater than any of us realize. We can create momentum in the world needed to better our community through conversation, passion and unrelenting action. That’s why the $500 will help send us back to New Orleans. A community we have grown to love and become a part of with a group of students that will create momentum for change within ourselves, the community and the world.

Thank you. 

*Below is a picture from our trip in March. Ms. Banks is in blue. If you look above the window on the left, you can see what color her house use to be. 

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The world needs a frisbee from me. But this is not a typical frisbee, for it has two large letters imprinted upon it. U.P. These stand for Ultimate Peace. Ultimate Peace is an non-profit organization dedicated to creating peace in the world through the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. Currently one of the biggest efforts of Ultimate Peace is a camp in Tel-Aviv, Israel that brings together Israelis, Arabs, and Palestinians from around the region. With the ongoing conflict in the region, and the recent escalation of violence on both sides this work of bringing these youths together is more important than ever.

I started playing Ultimate in middle school with mere pickup and grew to play on a competitive team in high school. Since then I have fallen in love with the sport. The mere concept of Spirit of the Game; that the game, even on the highest levels is self-officiated, and that sportsmanship is above competition creates a unique culture among Ultimate players. I have been to Israel multiple times and Egypt just once. I have made friends in both countries that will last me a lifetime and have a friend from Ramallah in the West Bank. I have American friends that are living and working in Israel and it hurts to see the violence in the news that affects both sides.

This culture that Ultimate has, the work Ultimate Peace is doing, and my passion for the game leads me to one place. I want to put my stamp on this organization and do my part to help achieve peace. I want to volunteer as a coach for Ultimate Peace’s Middle East Camp. Because Ultimate Peace is non-profit it means that the funds to travel to Israel have to come from my own pocket. As a freshman at Dickinson College it will take a long time to work to be able to make the money to get there. But this gift of $500 can speed the process up, and hopefully, speed the process to peace in the Middle East.

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As a recent engineering graduate, I spent school focused on creating medical technologies appropriate for low-resource settings. I'm a techie down to my bones, but the prospect of project implementation - of actually getting useful technologies to those who need them - is what fuels my fire for social entrepreneurship.

With feedback from nurses working in refugee camps, a few friends and I have created a web application designed to streamline vaccinations in regions where vaccine supplies are unstable.  Our application enables hospitals to send SMS alerts to parents when the vaccines their children need arrive at their local clinics. Text alerts help also parents automatically keep track of vaccination schedules for multiple children, removing one of the many hassles of caring for five or six kids! We can improve neonatal health in developing regions by providing patients with reliable information on vaccine availability - especially in places where vaccines routinely run out. 

A $500 minigrant would be used to help us purchase three GSM modems, which are required to send these text alerts en-masse. We’re raising funds to travel for field testing in the summer (likely in Morocco, where measles incidence has increased), but help providing these modems would allow us to outfit three separate clinics, potentially allowing thousands of parents to protect their children from disease. 

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Heart to Hand to Home.  The world needs from me to share my heart's voice through handwritten letters to homes around the world.

What do I have to say?  I want to tell the story of MOBA, a social enterprise that I co-founded and lead, which has been doing amazing community revitalization work in Sarajevo for over one year with no budget.  Another story is Irget, a startup landscape design company, which lacks 11,200$ in angel funding to successfully launch and generate social profit in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Why snail-mail?  In this fast-paced world of instant communication, the renaissance of natural conversation would remind people that relationships and community building take time and energy.  I am willing to write 357 handwritten letters, one per day, to share my story and inspire change.

Tell me your address!  I will use 500$ (357 letters / 1.40$ per stamp) to:

250 Friends and family members who need to know about MOBA's community revitalization work and consider supporting it financially...

50 Little league baseball teams who need to hear about the Sarajevo Baseball Club and consider supporting it's teams through a 'player to player' Pen-Pal program...

25 'Friends of Bosnia' organizations who need to see MOBA's community care program and consider financially supporting it through our new 'Adopt-a-Park' program...

15 Angel investors who need to read Irget's business plan and consider providing startup capital...

6 Inspirational people who are most responsible for my decision to live and work in Bosnia...and...

1 Thank You letter to Echoing Green. 

Answered about 2 years ago luka kasitz 86 from Bosnia and Herzegovina


Since I was younger, it has always been my heart to actively participate in the society. From the simple activities initiated by my small town, school’s extracurricular, outreach programs, events for a cause, and more, I used to really involve myself – with or without money.

I am a Filipino, 24, and currently living in Manila – one of the most urbanized, modernized, and richest places in the Philippines. Yet, behind these descriptions, it is also one of the most alarming land areas when it comes to criminality where various theft cases, media killing incidents, corruption, rape issues not just to the teenagers but to children below 10 years old, car-napping, kidnapping, illegal drugs, prostitution, etc. are sprouting like mushrooms in every corner of the place and among the major reasons of most of the prisoners.

Thus, if I were given $500 in my pocket, I would use this to visit the imprisoned individuals and to conduct an interview or a survey why they are doing these abominations and would keep doing things against the law where they vividly know in the first place that their lives will be put at stake. One of the best ways to resolve social problems in our society is to know the roots of this criminality. I believe that every prisoner has different stories to tell and I know that they are doing this fault because they are left with no choice or perhaps they are forced by their unfortunate status in life.

I would try to put myself in their shoes and would give the best shot to get the deepest story of their lives in order for me to understand better their situation. Of course, I will not look at them as criminals, I will treat them as ordinary citizens who have the right to speak, be sympathized, and understood. The compilation of their stories would serve as an eye opener to all the government officials and will inform them where to start exactly the changes in our society.

Lack of education, lack of government assistance, scarcity in daily needs, lack of parental guidance, depression, pornographic sites and poverty are the major factors that coerce people to steal, kill, and do demonic acts in order to survive. It is very disheartening to know that while the others are very busy in their luxurious living the majority remains crawling like rats in the dangerous streets of the country in order to feed their hungry stomach. Now, if this dismaying scenario would continue, I am pretty sure that the number of prisoners would grow more rapidly up to the point of total chaos.

Indeed, your role is not just merely about putting all the criminals behind metal bars, but also knowing the reasons why they prefer to be criminals. Remember, criminals are not born, they are made.

Bottom line, the only thing that the world needs from us is our full involvement. It is not about our wealth, it is not even about our minds or our exceptional achievements in life, it is more about the willingness of our hearts to help our nation. At the end of the day, we would realize that our essence is to be united under one common goal and that is to make the world smaller by doing great things not just for ourselves but to the whole nation.

Answered about 2 years ago michael suplaag 87 from Philippines
about 2 years ago michael suplaag said:

Amazing idea from an amazing person. Keep up the good work. You are truly the best. :–)

about 2 years ago emjaie zoilo martinez said:

Keep inspiring us….you are one of the persons i do appreciate when it comes to a man of substance….

about 2 years ago red lim said:

Good job. Keep up the good work…:–)

about 2 years ago kyle lopez said:

You have an exceptional idea…I would love to read more of the things at the back of your mind Michael..You are not just brilliant in school, but also in real life situation…surge onward Michael…

about 2 years ago roland reblando de guzman said:

inspiring words from michael…our world certainly needs you…keep it up

about 2 years ago kim sta maria said:

It is awesome to know that there is still someone like you who cares for our nation, for the things that are happening around us more particularly to social issues….good job…hat’s off…

about 2 years ago iam yurimae said:

Good luck Michael…it is indeed a challenge for you to do this stuff…yet it could have a great contribution in our nation and a perfect eye opener to all the government officials…:–)

about 2 years ago ybanezhunks andbeauties said:




I am Elisa A. Benafin. I am from the Cordillera Administrative Region in Northern Philippines but my current work has taken me to the other side of the Philippines – in Mindanao, specifically, the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao or ARMM. It is the ‘other’ side literally and figuratively, because ARMM and outlying areas are an entirely different world. For about 40 years, ARMM has been affected by a protracted armed conflict involving mainly legitimate Islamic rebel groups as well as terrorist organizations associated with Al Qaeda. The conflict is halting economic progress and social development in the region and deprives its populace, especially the women and children, their basic right to live decently and in peace. Of the many postulates on how the conflict in ARMM has swelled to be what it is now, I believe it is education of the children and youth, that must be seriously addressed.          

I currently manage the school electrification and education project component of a bigger program implemented in ARMM and other conflict areas in the country. Through this project, off-grid schools are provided a photovoltaic (solar) system to power an educational television infrastructure which makes teaching and learning easier and more enjoyable. We involve all stakeholders in all the processes involved to prepare for, implement and sustain not only the physical but more so the expected benefits.    


So far, the schools we have assisted reported improvements in school children’s academic performance as well as positive behaviour changes as an effect of the use of educational television. On the other hand, there have been some concerns some of which have been addressed while one is still being discussed with the community for resolution. Parents and the barangay local government units have shown that they have taken ownership of the project by contributing resources to install and maintain the PV systems. The Department of Education from the region down to division and district levels have taken seriously their role to monitor the implementation of the project. 


My role as manager demands among others that I deal a lot with people (staff and various stakeholders), processes, conflict situations and formulating strategies leading to conflict resolutions. With this training, I hope to have greater knowledge and better understanding of the issues that affect peace in Mindanao and gain skills that would help me deal with conflict situations as I do my work.


I believe that the world wants me to be even more effective as implementer of development projects in Mindanao and I can do this by participating in the Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute 2013 Annual Peacebuilding Training; a training that will focus on areas such as religious peace building, conflict transformation, community-based peacebuilding, trauma healing, arts approaches to peace building. It will be from May 20 to June 7, 2013. 



Answered about 2 years ago elybenafin 75 from Philippines
about 2 years ago jamel mamutuk said:

What a noble job you’re doing! May you help more children and youth in my region, the ARMM.

about 2 years ago elybenafin said:

@jamel mamutuk Thanks Jamel. As long as there is an opportunity to help, I will.


My name is Felix Iziomoh,  I lived in Lagos Nigeria.
I am a missionary for change — an assignment commissioned to me at birth. I am here to serve — the path to actualizing my own purpose and destiny, and those of modern Nigerian youth.
To this end our leadership training group recently initiated a leadership development program in high schools titled ‘The New Nigerian Dream’ and dedicated to self-empowerment and consciousness transformation beginning at an early age.
The intention is to expand this program at the grass roots level using our leadership and social entrepreneurial skills in the context of classes, study groups and field trips, based on the curriculum we have put together  to promote future leaders with integrity, accountability and transparency
What drives me personally is the need to reciprocate to the community that has nurtured me. Many suffer in the learning of life’s lessons, which can be minimized by developing a purpose-driven life early on.  Our intention is to develop in Nigerian youth the values and skills that will help them become accountable, high-integrity members of their communities and of the world.
As with any new project, funding is the greatest challenge.  To date our leadership group has used very limited personal funds for transportation, printing, postage, etc.  In this type of program field trips are also crucial in expanding one’s vision.  Your $500 offer will assist with these and subsequent expenses involved in the continuation and expansion of this crucial thrust.

Answered about 2 years ago flelixi 34 from Nigeria


As I consider my answer to this question “What does the world need from you?” I recognize that I am a true believer in the saying “think globally, act locally” and my faith has taught me the meaning of an important phrase “tikkun olam” meaning heal the world, which encourages us to believe that we all must do our part to bring peace and healing to the world around us. In the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with young adults with mental illness and support them to reach towards a life that is worth living. I would use the $500 to document some of their stories, educate the community on how homelessness is affecting these individuals and partner with other efforts that are currently struggling to garner local resources directed towards addressing housing issues. Here’s the background story:

One of the biggest barriers for the most vulnerable young adults that we encounter and attempt to help connect with resources, is homelessness. In order for this population to even engage in the mental health recovery process, they need a stable place to live. Yet, with no income, very little natural supports and limited local resources geared primarily to those who can prove they are destitute; the well being of these young adults is in constant jeopardy and  it is likely for them to end up in the hospital or incarcerated. This often happens repeatedly throughout their time of homelessness. In attempt to address these issues, so that we can provide a higher quality of service to them and all of our clients, a few of our colleagues have come together to propose the development of a new program model within our agency that will create a transitional housing program for the homeless young adults that we serve. We gathered statistics that showed on average 50% of the young adults we serve throughout each year are homeless, end up in the hospital for inpatient psychiatric care and/or are incarcerated. A large percentage of which have had repeated stays throughout the course of a year. This presents a huge cost to our system of care and grossly impacts the individual’s likelihood of attaining a quality of life that would lead to education and employment, let alone stable living and individual well being. 

On a daily basis we receive phone calls from these young adults who need our help to meet their daily needs, often times in desperation. I find myself left with no answers or short term solutions to address immediate housing needs. I can tell them where to call in hopes that they’ll get a bed at a local shelter, or go to another shelter which is crowded, often feels unsafe and makes it very difficult for these young adults to manage their mental illness. I can offer them hope and support and encourage them not to give up. When I hang up the phone, carry on with my business and go home to a roof over my head, I along with my colleagues are perplexed with the challenges of being effective in our jobs, with limited resources and very few concrete solutions. This funding would help to tell the story that is hidden to most, not fully understood by many and will build consensus amongst those who struggle to help meet the needs of our most vulnerable. A mini-grant like this will provide the seed funds to work towards the type of innovation we have recently been working on developing through our program model and allow us to begin moving towards targeted solutions. There are so many ways we can organize key constituents and leaders among service providers, administrators and policy influencers. When we have the resources to document the reality of this gap in our system and bring people together to identify solutions, a small amount of funds can and will lead to big change. Housing a few individuals saves cost to our system, lowers the likelihood of long term dependence on public assistance and may help to forge the future path for a young person who can go on to change lives of others who are where they have been. 
Answered about 2 years ago scott spicer 28 from United States


The world needs me (and my teammates) to share our knowledge of Social Enterprise! This year I am living and working in India as part of the IDEX Social Enterprise Fellowship.  I work in an organization that supports artisan business development, water and sanitation projects, solar and clean energy programs, and much more.  Through my work, I have seen that an organization’s impact is only as strong as its internal processes. 

SO, a few other IDEX fellows and myself are working on a research project to identify the best practices for social enterprises to improve their internal management processes.  First, we will be surveying social enterprises to best understand these businesses. We will be looking for their successes, failures and frustrations. Then, we will be surveying off-the-shelf management products and tools, conferences, mentor programs, and toolkits on the market to compare which solutions will most efficiently for different organizations.  We will be looking across all departments including finance, marketing, communications, human resources, and more.  The goal is to help social entrepreneurs identify which solutions are best for them without having to do their own research or resorting to trial-and-error.

Our findings will be formatted into a easy to use website that helps an entrepreneur identify their problems and matches them with the best solution for their organization.

The research hours are all volunteered by myself and 4 other teammates.  However, we will need funding to help build the website to share our research with the social enterprise field!

The impact of this $500 would be far reaching, as the resource we are building would increase efficiency for small and medium social enterprises who are doing good work but struggle to build and manage the internal processes needed to scale.  
Answered about 2 years ago marymck 28 from India

The world needs me to take action, with my neighbors, and where I am. 

I will use the $500 to purchase a prothesis for a child and travel to Medellin to document the process and then share with the world.  

There are so many wonderful and beautiful ideas on this page and so many incredible stories. It truly feels you up with so much emotion. Yet, I realize that I can not change everything, I can not help everybody, but I can help one person. I can hope and dream that this one person will help somebody else, and together we can create a ripple of change. I am a dreamer and a person with a million ideas. Consequently, I never take action on these ideas. Thus, I am choosing this tangible way to change somebody's life, do something real, and create the ability to share the story with everybody. 

I will partner with Mahavir-Kmina artificial limb center for the entire process. Together, we will finance a family in need with the prothesis for their child, the process, and help bring back part of a child's life that has been taken. While in Medellin we will then document three other children to document and raise money for their individual prosthetics. 

Please help me take action, change a child's life, and allow us to share the positivity with the world.

Please contact me with any questions..

“Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.”  Mother Teresa

“Do your little bit of good where you are. Its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” Desmond Tutu

“Be kind whenever possible, it is always possible.” Dalai Lama
Answered about 2 years ago ripplepi 18 from United States


The world needs me to step up for my community, making it an inclusive space that welcomes the open exchange of ideas and moves in the direction of progress, whatever that may mean.  I’ve been working with some of my peers to create a space/organization at our Hillel that invites students to shape their Jewish community in a way that reflects their Jewish (and progressive) values.

Answered about 2 years ago david meyer 18 from United States


We are two nineteen year olds from Pakistan;a place the world may associate with words like terrorism, corruption, downfall and a list of thousands of other problems. But we associate our country with the word ‘hope’. For if we do not dare to hope we would have no reason to live. And the hope for our country are the children of the country; educated young minds to lead the country to a better future. In a country with a literacy rate of only around 50%, we are one of the few who have had the privilege of a good education up till now. And this education has made us realise how important education actually is. This is why we want to help spread the gift of education to as many around us as we can. 

We recently heard about ‘SOS’. It is a charity organisation in Pakistan which strives to provide a home and education to orphans and abandoned children through donations. 

500$ roughly amount to 48,000 Pakistani rupees and SOS requires only 500 per month for the education of one child. If you give us this money we would be able to donate the required amount to SOS on a monthly basis and bear the expenses of the education of two children for a time period of four years. 

We hope you find this cause deserving. 

~Hina Khurshid and Nader Irfan 

Answered about 2 years ago hina khurshid 16 from Pakistan


Restore my country's glory through collective and collaborative environmental conservation and poverty Alleviation- is what the world needs from me. I am Denis Katende Serugave from  a country which was named the pearl of Africa because of its excellent, unique natural vegetation, weather and biodiversity.I have grown up in Uganda and have witnessed more beauty than I expected which i continue to admire every after day However, all this beauty is at the fastest rate of destruction majorly due to poverty amongst Ugandans. this beauty  in a few years to come might be no more if no serious practical measures are taken. I have for long thought of a solution to put this to an end and have finally come up with  a project of conserving all this beauty by involving the local people through helping them out of poverty. I therefore would like to use the $500 to complete the registration process of my organization  and create a website for it to attract other people to this cause. I decided to register a new organization because I intend to use a new approach of conservation through poverty alleviation and would like to bring many different skills on board because this is a very challenging task which requires different people’s efforts to achieve and I believe that union is strength. thank you

Answered about 2 years ago denis katende serugave 14 from Uganda


My name is Lehua Simon and what the world needs from me is to be surrounded by messages of enlightenment, engagement and empowerment

We all receive information every day from a variety of sources.  We receive them from a multitude of communication devices (tv, radio, internet, mobile phones, etc.), the people with whom we surround ourselves, and the environments we inhabit.  Communication is abundant in our day and age.

But now that we are equipped with the means to communicate across great distances, both geographical and social, I propose that we need to organize, consolidate, and refine these messages such that the impact of communication readily meets clearly established collective goals.  Well-designed communication is key to developing consciousness, accumulating resources and inspiring affirmative action.  Communication can be enlightening, engaging, and empowering.

I can help the world by providing communication design for under-resourced communities.  I am a Public Interest Designer and part of a growing number of individuals and organizations that are using the power of design to meet world needs.  My educational background is in producing live performances, not-for-profit management, and media design.  With these skills, I can initiate a repertoire of projects that address the needs of my local community and beyond.

One of my first projects is The Maui Nature Girl Calendar.  It is a 12-month calendar that will be printed for the year 2015.  Each month will feature a “Maui Nature Girl.”  These are females who have done extraordinary environmental work on the island of Maui, the place that I call home.  The calendar is meant to educate the public about local environmental initiatives, attract them to important causes and recognize the women who keep Maui’s environment just as gorgeous as they are.  Outcomes will be increased awareness of Maui’s environmental needs, increased funding for local non-profit organizations through the sale of the calendar, and increased participation of the local population with environmental initiatives.  $500 will allow me and my committee of Maui Nature Girls to obtain fiscal sponsorship from Design Ignites Change, seek legal consultation, and begin fundraising for photography, graphic design, and printing.

Answered about 2 years ago lehua 10 from United States


Thank you for the opportunity to consider this question. I would put the $500 towards a conference in Tel Aviv where I’m planning to work with legal scholars and historians to answer the question: “Are class action suits a meaningful and productive way to address mass atrocity wrongs.” In other words, should people sue companies that had a role in genocides? I am a PhD Candidate in Conflict Resolution working on post-atrocity reconciliation and healing. This conference will help me decide if the world needs me to support the legal process as a means for handling mass atrocity or focus on more community-based approaches. I’m interested in how collecting oral histories, organizing truth commissions, and other small group processes can be more effective than lawsuits that function because they require a perpetrator/victim set up.  Thank you for helping me consider how I can make the greatest contribution upon graduation. 

Answered about 2 years ago sarah federman 8 from United States


What the world needs from me is “belief”. See, I am a big believer in the old adage that, “talent is universal, opportunity is not.” It is by that saying I was raised. In fact, I live it every day. In my life, I’ve seen how one person can transform their community, simply by believing in the possibility of something better. In most cases, it means they have rolled up their sleeves to address a societal problem. For me, this means that through hard work and persistence, I can use my mind, my heart and my spirit to conquer the world’s most pressing issues. However, I need to be believe that I can do it. 

This isn’t always easy. I can’t be discouraged by the naysayers that say one person cannot make a difference. I can’t be dissuaded by the friends and family that tell me to take a job that pays more. I can’t be disheartened by politicians governing a broken system, and by corporations whose aim isn’t to solve the fundamental problems of our world. I need to believe and inspire others to do the same. I have to move forward confidently, and by doing so, others will follow. Even by sending this email out to my friends and family, they will get to see a glimpse of what it means to be idealistic and to be a believer that “one person can make a difference”. 

However, it can’t stop there. Idealism is only fuel. You need to be able to put practical solutions behind these issues of global significance. One way in which I do that in my current organization is by working with our teams “in the field” to better address their organizational structure and operations. We train staff, analyze their business processes and help them execute and deliver the much needed services to the community more effectively and efficiently. 

One community we serve and which I am passionate about helping, are victims of human trafficking (both labor and sex). My organization operates in four Asian countries and the United States, and we see the effects of human trafficking daily. However, capacity is limited. There is not enough time, talent or resources to address these needs fast enough. It’s a constant uphill battle. 

With this grant, I will partially fund my expenses to travel to Southeast Asia, so that I could lend my expertise to our field staff, local NGO partners and community leaders. I would be there, with them hand in hand, combating the issue of modern day slavery and human trafficking. I would also be there to listen and learn. In this way, by being present and engaging the problem with them, we will learn and find effective solutions. Through my belief in the possibilities of combating modern day slavery, we will transform people’s lives.

The solutions to these problems are all around us, but we have to believe that we are the answer. That we hold the ability to cultivate these solutions, and to bring those qualities out in others. So that is what I intend to do. Believe, and work with others until that belief triumphs over modern day slavery and human trafficking..

Jason Clevenger
Washington, D.C.
Answered about 2 years ago jason clevenger 6 from United States


"Our Manipur for Coexistence"

If I am given $ 500, I will organise a painting competition for the school children of India's Northeastern State of Manipur where armed conflicts has been protracted for more than 60 years on the theme, "Our Manipur for Coexistence". A website also will be launched for further dissemination.

Manipur is a multi-ethnic state where about 40 ethnic groups have been living in coexistence. Unfortunately, in the last 2 decades Manipur has been highly communally charged and polarised due to different exclusive ethnic assertions. The ethnic peoples of Manipur are broadly categorised as the "Nagas", the Kuki-Chin-Mizos and the Meiteis. While the Meiteis and other ethnic groups stands for a united Manipur and some organisations of the Kukis demand for state for the Kukis and the Isak and Muivah faction of National Socilalist Council of Nagaland - NSCN (IM) ans some other organisations who belong to the "Nagas" claim a swathe of Manipur as Nagaland. During 1992 to 1997 more than 1000 mostly women and children of Kukis were killed, hundreds of thousands were displaced and about 350 villages were deserted in the Kuki-Naga ethnic clash. The Nagas and the Kukis block the National Highways passing through the land locked Manipur now and then for many days or months choking the supply lines of essential commodities for all the peoples of Manipur. The Kukis have just called off another public bandh in the Highways and Kuki inhabitant areas demanding a Kuki state. Now, the tension between the pan Naga groups and Meitei may reach a flashpoint anytime when the Meiteis’ patience and resilience cross its limit.

If we organise painting competition on the theme of "Our Manipur for Coexistence", the children can think and percieve a Manipur for better living in coexistence for all the ethnic groups and help them to envisage a common future for all the ethnic groups of Manipur.

Photo credit to Hueiyen Lanpao: Miles long serpentine queues of hundreds of four wheelers, three wheelers and two wheelers wait for their turn to get petrol and diesel from the oil pump on Wednesday in Imphal in 2010 when the Nagas blocked the highways for more than 100 days.

Answered about 2 years ago bobichand rajkumar 6 from India


Political reform. That's what the world needs from me.

I live in the capital of politically ethical behavior known as Illinois.

I volunteer as a community organizer, educating and mobilizing people to reform our election system—the firmware of our democracy, if you will.  Our work is nonpartisan and nonprofit.  Please support us and our work.

$500 will help us complete a mailer to kick off a major-donor fundraising program to support our statewide initiative on campaign finance reform.

I'm sure you are also fed up with the influx of cash in our politics, and the influence it has on our elected officials.  It is time for a change in campaign finance.  9 states have already called for a Constitutional amendment declaring that money is not speech, and corporations are not people.  We need several more states to formally start the amendment process.

Please support us as we increase education on this issue and build momentum towards achieving a more perfect union.

Social entrepreneurs, activists, and investors need a fairer, more efficient government to effectively build a better societyResponsible government, accountable to the people, not to special interests, is integral to everything we care about, from housing to energy policy to the tax code.

Help upgrade the firmware of our democracy.

Please click the “thumbs-up” icon to the left, and support this issue of all issues.  Thank you so much.

Answered about 2 years ago benjaminsinger 6


As someone who believes deeply in our interdependence, I trust that what the world needs from me won’t come from contemplation alone. Having spent the majority of my life not poor and in a wealthy country, I am not in touch with how I can use my skill set to serve my brothers and sisters around the globe.

I care deeply about poverty and democratic participation, so I would spent $500 to understand how those living in poverty, particularly the 1 billion+ people living on less than $1 per day, would use additional resources.

Through anti-poverty community organizations in countries I have lived, worked and volunteered in: India, Ghana, Brazil and South Africa, I would distribute the $500 to 250 mothers and fathers and ask “How would you use an additional $1 per day, per week or per month to increase opportunity for your family”

Their vision for their own ladder of opportunity would guide my work. How they would see the value of $1 (or $30, $52 or $365) in local currency: food, school fees or books, starting a business, safe water will show the true pathways for a brighter future.

The findings will guide the way. Advocacy, infrastructure, schools or more personal paths. I could share my findings with organizations and individual Americans with $1 a day or week to donate (the average American family donates $1000 per year) and build a movement of donors and friends. 
Answered about 2 years ago ecr 6 from unknown



Vision without action is daydream. Action without vision is nightmare.
- Japanese Proverb

Thank you asking this question. That brings so many actions. World is me. I dont see any separation. What the world need from me- means what i need from myself.. to be a creator.
May be, the World need me, not from me. Need each of us. We can see many ways how to communicate with the World. I feel the world need any amount as a symbol of connection. And people show the best ways how to invest 500$, and we see how many needs has this world.

I wish we experience an Abundance. The World need our intuition to feel when doors are open, when it close...and find doors which are always open for each of us.

It will be an experiment. Balance of giving & receiving. To be active & to be passive. If i pay for anyone a check/bill i meet on my path , i will say: ''Please accept. Please receive. Universe gives it to you. You can share if you wish your experience'' and i will give a Echoinggreen.org site and will write also report.  I wish what you started with this question will grow...  I experienced how difficult for people to accept receiving, to keep energy flow to them and from them and find an  inner balance. When we allowed our self to receive from unknown/unusual ways, we grow our faith in Abundance. We are open to give. Many ''doors'' on many levels open for help, love and support each other.

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle, or you can live as if everything is a miracle.“ - Albert Einstein.

Photo: Paris. Line to the entrance of Louis Vuitton. Real or dream?...

Answered about 2 years ago sakura 6


I love the quote, “Let each esteem others better than himself”, because putting others before ourselves is crucial to our happiness and well-being. For this reason I started a philanthropic and service group called Chain Reaction with the purpose being to start positive chain reactions by putting kindness into action. I became tired of seeing my peers in a sense “performing” while doing community service to receive reward or recognition or just doing the community service to meet graduation requirements. In this day and age it is easy to fall into a state of apathy towards the concerns of others, and let our own fleshly desires completely occupy our time. Thus Chain Reaction was formed to make service to others a part of people’s everyday lives, to emphasize the importance of doing good deeds without expectation of reward or recognition, to encourage people to start positive chain reactions in their communities, and to teach that the true reward is the character growth that takes place inside of us after we choose to kick our selfishness to the curb and decide to help someone else. Chain Reaction is currently fundraising for an organization in Nigeria, Africa called Manoach Missions International. Manoach Missions Internationals is a great organization that starts chain reactions in their communities by caring for the poor and orphans, and providing a center in their community where people can come and receive food, supplies, and mentorship in a positive environment. To continue to benefit their community, Manoach Missions International needs financial support. Chain Reaction has been fundraising, and is in need of further funds to raise enough money to send the center everything from their list of needed supplies. Chain Reaction would greatly appreciate your vote and support, and remember to start making your own positive chain reactions by putting kindness into action!

Answered about 2 years ago lexi;) 14 from United States