What Are You Best At?

When it comes to finding a career that’s right for you and good for the world, you have to know your strengths.  A key to the success of our Echoing Green Fellows, for example, is their ability to uncover and focus on what they rock at.  (They often fill in the holes in their expertise by supplementing them with talented people on their team.) It’s a simple formula for impact. With that in mind, we want to know, what are you good at?

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I guess what I am best at is reading and reading comprehension . I have loved books from a young age and have always done well on reading comprehension based tasks. I am also fairly good at staying calm under pressure and remaining positive in difficult situations. In fact tend to perform best under pressure. Finally, I have strong logical reasoning skills which I hope to apply to my pursuit of a law degree.

Answered over 2 years ago rob42 2 from unknown


I see the good qualities in others and I’m good at motivating and encouraging them to continue to follow their dreams. I have empathy for others and I’m able to connect with those around me.

Answered over 2 years ago angelica soto 2 from United States


When it comes to what I am best at I would say helping others. I have always had a passion to help people who needed it the most before my own pleasures. Specifically I work best with younger children. Automatically kids are attracted to me so I have learned to embrace that. It has gotten to the point where that is where I am most comfortable at. I even have changed my whole career path to better suit what I am best at. I went from a criminology major to an Early Childhood Education major.

Answered over 2 years ago christiebertrand 2 from unknown


I am good at being patient.  I feel that this is a very important skil that you need to have especially when it comes to startig your own organization and helping people because it isnt always going to work out the first time but if you are patient and keep working at the task at hand you will soon become sucessful.  I also feel that patience is an important skill to have in what I want to do in life. I want to help people change their financial situations around and that is a hard thing to do with people that are stuck on a routine of spending money in the wrong manner, that isnt beneficial for their future and well being.

Answered over 2 years ago sakinah barnes 2 from United States


Well this question definitively requires a lot of self assessment. I do not believe that I am the best in the world at any one thing but I do believe that I have qualities that God has blessed me with that I have noticed, and some have told me I am great at. In the light of trying to stay humble I do believe I still have a tremendous amount of growing to do and that I hope to always stay open to learn and grow. One of the things people have told me that I excel at more than others is my ability to build relationships and build up others around me. Making new, deep, genuine friends that I have called higher and I myself have been called higher by is something that I believe is a valuable trait. I also have been told that I give good advice, not by the worlds standards but by biblical standards I have been able to obtain wisdom through experience and knowledge of the scriptures in order to help keep my life on a path of righteousness and help others to do the same. So by no means do I believe that I am the best at these things but rather I have grown a lot in these areas and I feel confident that they are gifts/talents from God that I have been able to use for his glory. 

Answered over 2 years ago jclouse1808255 2 from United States


What am I best at? I think I am great at smiling and keeping a good upbeat attitude. I also think my view of the world is something I am good at for myself. I think my view is best for me. I have been through some serious and life changing events and just have been through a whole lot of bad in my life and I cannot believe I have turned out so well. I can look around at my siblings who have gone through some of the same things and see that they have lost their zeal for life and are upset and anger at the world and really aren’t going anywhere. I look at the world and see things and say “I'm going to make it better!” I’m not quite sure how but I do know where I want to start. I have always been complemented by those who know my story, for always keeping a sunny deposition on life. Despite what I have been through, I still think the world can be made better and that people are inherently great people and that we CAN make a difference.
I love kids and a friendly and inviting smile can win them over. I want to start with the young ones, and make a difference in their lives so they don’t lose their sunny deposition on life either.
So what am I best at? I’m best at being me. And who am I?
I am a fighter.
I am a lover of life.
I am a life changer (one day if not already)
I am happy
I am optimistic
I am a believer, that things will get better
I am strong.

Stephanie Artino

Answered over 2 years ago sartino1 2 from United States


I’m not sure what I’m “best” at because I haven’t explored all that there is to explore in the world. However, I’ve tried quite a lot and can say that I excel in some areas more than others. I believe I’m an exceptionally strong communicator. My teachers have always encouraged my writing and I’ve worked hard to improve it at every opportunity that arises. I’m able to represent myself well when I speak, write, gesture, etc. On the other side of things, I’m able to “read” others and their written works very well. I already know I’m going to write books that I intend to use to inspire and help others better navigate their lives.

As an undergraduate I study Sociology and English. Each of these fields has brought me profound awareness of the many systems and beliefs that exist in our social world. There are so many cultures, philosophies and values in our world. I want to understand as many as I can, so that I can be the greatest communicator that I can become. This is very important, because a truly great communicator must have a deep understanding of his/her audience. The understanding I currently hold dear allows me to reach out and engage with many people, which further allows me to increase my understanding of others and the things they need to lead richer, more fulfilling and meaningful lives. I believe that may be my purpose.

I’m a strong communicator working towards greatness. I want to help people lead lives of great quality. I’m studying and practicing so that I can fulfill this goal and my purpose.

Answered over 2 years ago elewis 2 from unknown


To think of just one expertise is quite difficult. There are so many things one can be good at if they keep in mind that nothing in this world is impossible.  That is how I am. I am the type of individual that can easily adapt and catch on fast to any project, talent, and job. For example, when asked around the age of six what I wanted to be when I grow up, there was never a direct answer since I knew I was good at so many things. Overall, my talents of organizing (no matter what it is… events, employee confidential files, etc), and planning seem to amaze myself as I age. Seeing the final outcome of a project concurred makes me feel as if I’m unstoppable. However, I do love to sit and listen to others when in need of help. Putting yourself in ones shoes trying to understand their feelings and why they do certain things or act a certain way in life can help solve problems faster than normal in working environments. I believe Human Resource Management for any type of company (since I am can easily adjust) or Healthcare Administration is right for me at this time in life. But this will only be a start for the many things I will learn and thrive on along the way. Therefore, I will never take no for an answer as I progress through life and many obstacles I will face, especially career wise.


Answered over 2 years ago lochan 2 from unknown


I am best at organizing and encouraging people as well as communicating with others. I strive to be as patient and understanding with others as I would like them to be with me. I really enjoy people and getting to know them. I believe communication is key between people and when we truly sit down and listen to each other so much can be accomplished.

Answered over 2 years ago seasonlyfall 2 from United States


What am I best at? This is really a tough question. I would say that I am best at critically thinking about how to impact the lives of people in my community. Growing up education was a major part of my life. During Lara Galinsky’s speech I really asked myself what my obligation was. It did not take long for me to determine what it was. Growing up, my grandfather would always tell me “Kenbe fo pitit mwen” (hold strong my child) As the first born, and the first to go to college and my brother following shortly after, these words not only motivated me but they soon served as my purpose and obligation. Throughout my college career I would hear the echoes of my grandfathers voice “Kenbe fo pitit mwen” These words have turned me into the woman that I am today. I want to impact the lives of children in my community. Raised by immigrant parents, the odds were against me, where many in my community made it to high school, but few made it to college. I have been fortunate enough to be one of the few to make it to college. I want to make my parents sacrifice worth it and not go to waste. Both my purpose and my obligation has shaped what I feel I am good at. Being able to change the lives of at risk children is more than I could ask for, that would truly give me a sense of accomplishment.

Answered over 2 years ago cyndithomas17 2 from United States


I’m best at spreading a contagious attitude. Whether I am in a bad mood or bubbly and effervescent, my moods are contagious. I could use this to spread an idea about an organization or share passion and ignite the same spark in others. I’m also really great at doing research and am very thorough so that when I speak to people I know what I’m talking about and how to defend myself and my beliefs 100 percent. That could always come in handy with nonprofits or social ventures trying to figure out their markets and what an issue is composed of.

Answered over 2 years ago sara 2 from unknown


    I am best at being helpful to others and inspiring through the game of basketball. Out of all the things that I do well this is the one that also means the most to me. I make a conscious effort to be there for the people that mean alot to me. Also, being able to inspire little kids that look up to me and want to be like me. Being a student-athlete brings responsibility to be a good role model for the kids that come to watch us play every game. Therefore, I try to help them strive for what they want to achieve out of life. They look up to me because of basketball so I make sure I talk with them to tell them to stay on track,get good grades and continue to keep their selves in position to play basketball in the future. I always make sure to remind them that they can be what ever they put their minds to, and follow their dreams. So making a big impact on little kids lives and helping others is what I’m best at.

Answered over 2 years ago nitabartley3 2 from United States


One of my best qualities includes helping people. I have always had a passion in helping people. As I grew older I realized that I have a great compassion for children. This is how I determined that whatever field I choose to work in I would like to help children in whatever way that I can. I decided that I wanted to become a neonatologist because they help children who are in dire need at a very critical point in their life.

Answered over 2 years ago abfab 2 from United States


I think that I am best at interacting with others. I enjoy listening to people’s individual experiences and thoughts because I recognize their lived experiences and cultural connections helped form them as individuals and members of groups. I consider myself to be an empathic person as well as someone who likes harmonious situations and relationships, but I have no problem (and at times enjoy) dealing with authority and difficult situations especially if they affect important people in my life and others who need help.

I am best at helping to contribute to my parents' and siblings well-being. I like to take care of tasks that they may not be able to complete and teach them methods so that their work can become easier.

I consider myself a strong achiever who is always striving to be a better individual.

Answered over 2 years ago wondervita 2 from United States


I am best at helping others. When i see someone in need, i feel a need to help them whether that is giving them something to eat, or donating clothing, I love to give. When i don’t have to give i feel bad that I can’t help them. I just want to discover new ways to help people in an innovative, and sustainable way.

Answered over 2 years ago openidaolcomadriennaw123 2 from United States


I am the idea machine. If you have a problem, my dream is to concoct a solution that exceeds every expectation you have. From marketing and advertising to design and function, I look at all angles with thorough company and competitor research to produce a robust direction for your project. My passion for innovation has led me to facilitate over 2000 blindfolded icebreakers between over 4000 participants from all walks of life. As part of a social sustainability project titled Pick Your New Opportunities (pickyournos.com), these sightless icebreakers promote understanding, inspiration and curiosity while producing a fantastic way for people to network. I love this community and look forward to working with Echoinggreen on many successful future endeavors.

Answered over 2 years ago mikeluisdiaz 4 from unknown


I believe there are three main things that I am good at: public speaking, directions (location awareness?), and recall, but let me explain in more detail.

My number one quality would definitely have to be public speaking. For as long as I can remember I have loved being up in front of people. Not the attention-grabber type of person but literally on stage having all different types of personality. This may have started when I was younger and my obsession of quoting every movie I watched in the closest representation of the character as possible. By high school, I had decided to to take drama classes, but due to IB requirements I could not continue these in my third and fourth years. By then I loved group presentations. Whereas some would rather write a paper, I would have much rather gotten up in front of the class to present for a grade. I realized this will be quite long if I continue with my style of writing so I will cut this short but essentially, from high school onward I simply loved giving public speaking. On multiple occasions I have given impromptu speeches, and my best utilization of this skill is in joining an organization on campus that gives the official campus tours for our university, the Florida Cicerones.

My second most recognizable skill is directions and location awareness, and I am not quite sure if those are even the correct words to use in explaining. Essentially, I have always been good at remembering how to get places simply by walking, biking, or driving there once. In the 3rd grade I had moved to a new house and on my first day, my grandma had picked me up from school, she had gotten lost but I remember the streets I had taken to get to school. She of course thought I was joking since I was only 8, but after her few failed attempts, she finally gave in and we made it home successfully. Besides just directions, I am usually good at finding my way around simply by picturing my location in a birds-eye style in my mind. I picture everything almost in a grid system. If I am on one street and need to get to one x-miles away, I am good as keeping track if I am going north, east, south, or west and how to weave my way around to my desired location.

Lastly, I would say that I am pretty good at recall. I definitely do not have the amazing quality of perfect photographic memory, but once I read things I tend to remember them, and where I read it. When I need to find information, I can usually place it in a specific chapter/section, whether it was on the left or right page, and whether it was on the top, in the middle, or on the bottom of the page.I also divide each individual page into left or right. For example, I may remember that the information I need is in Ch. 3, its on a left-side page, at the bottom and towards the right.

Although I recognize these traits I have no idea how to combine them! My favorite is definitely public speaking so my goal is to at least pursue a field that allows me to utilize this attribute of myself

Answered over 2 years ago zachary c. 2 from United States


Many people do not take the time to think about what they are good at- what their strengths are in order to identify what they can be successful with. I feel like the things that we are good at help us understand  who we are and we can can contribute to the world as a person. The reason for this is becasuse many people have different points of view regarding what defines a person. Some people merely refer to the ability to learn and grow but in my opinion, it goes way beyond that. A person is defined by what they can contribute, either in large scale or small scale, to their community and eventually to the entire world this is what I think I am best at- helping others overome obstacles and make them believe that they can overcome anything they set their mind to.

There are some people that accomplish great things given that they are at the right place at the right time. On the other hand, some people accomplish things to a smaller degree but when measured on a continuum, the impact of their accomplishment can ultimately affect a larger number of people. Being a determined and ambitious individual were the qualities that drove and inspired me to overcome the obstacles that were presented to me from a young age and seeing that it was possible makes me want to show others that this is possible as well.

I enjoy volunteering. I feel like thoguh volunteering I can give back to my community "just because". I feel like the fact that a person wants to give back just because they genuinely just want the best for others is a beautiful and self-less act. It makes me feel good to know that I can do good things for others. I enjpy it so much that I feel I can do my best at it. It doesn'y end when I leave the volunteering center. It is something that I take home with me and enters my personal life as well.

Answered over 2 years ago yanelis.zamora 2 from United States


My sole talent is people.  I am best at dealing with people, especially talking with them.  I listen well and I believe I have a talent for giving advice in the way people need to hear it, unique to them.  I am very good at empathizing.  I plan to take these skills and utilize them as a therapist.

Answered over 2 years ago jajordan89 2 from unknown


I am good in planning..
Before I grew up i could not know well about it but i think i loved it. I kept thinking about and sometimes tried practicing it. I realized that I was good in planning.
What I have kept learning is making it more participatory rather than commanding. So I use team leading as my local career though am not employed but a college student. I am planning for development hence…..Financial management, Accounting, Research, Entrepreneurship, Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation areas am good at.
All in all but I am good at any occupation where I can get working while learning and working in cooperation, the work that I love most.

Answered over 2 years ago nicholaus mlangwa 58 from Tanzania, United Republic of


giving my all to any given purpose. working hard. inspiring others. loving unconditionally.

Answered over 2 years ago jacqueline monterrosas 7 from United States