Today Generation is more Tend towards Money - Is this true ?

Today Generation is more Tend towards Money - Is this true ?
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Ofcourse, the only way that you accept the weight of this medium is to look around and engage yourself with the niceties in life. Most of them come with a price. It’s not the “money” but the facilitator thereof that caused the riddling question. 

Generations are made using the tools and necessities ..not to forget the innovations,discoveries and exposure in a phased manner which lead to a phased change in thoughts,ideas and beliefs aka Generational Change..if you will. 

Can you leave without money,answer is “yes” and “no”. 
Yes-entirely depends on the socio-economic factors(you may hate it,but that’s the fact)

What was once considered as human tendency,with the collective effort and dimensional changes in many years of experimental growth,has now turned into a natural tendency. Societal status has also led to greater tendency and rather acerbic and unequivocal belief in the system of Currency as not just a medium of exchange but rather a way of life. 

Answered about 2 years ago ajay zhzh 2 from India