Questions on Impact Measurement for Social Media

To who may concern,

This is Juho, who is a student at NYU. My professor Lyel Resner told us to reach people who are currently in the field if we really want to learn what is going on now. And, here I am to humbly ask for some advice regarding a project I am working on in our social entrepreneurship class. My group mates and I are working on one of the assignments that is to find a way of measuring social impact. We looked into a couple of social media companies that are essentially social media outlets for international activists and protesters. We found these organizations have struggled to find a way of directly measuring their influence. They can't necessarily count internationally notorious dictators overthrown as their impact, they need a more reliable method of measurement. Do you have any suggestions or thoughts on this topic? Or perhaps, could you suggest us any technological metrics that can measure the impact from social media? We are in the research stages of our project. If you can recommend or connect anyone in your mind, that would be so awesome! 

Thank you for your time,
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