Not So Secret Admirer

Reach out to someone that inspires you.

Who is on your hero list? Perhaps it’s someone who has your dream job, or a person whose work has influenced your path. Maybe it’s someone whose spirit inspires you to change the world. Today, we challenge you to contact them. Send a letter, send an email, find them on LinkedIn, or on Twitter (and use the hashtag #workonpurpose).

At Echoing Green, we do this all the time. Most recently, we reached out William Damon, Stanford faculty member and author of The Path to Purpose, a book that made the rounds on our team. After touching base over email, Echoing Green’s senior vice president Lara Galinsky was able to meet Damon for coffee while in California.
So what do you have to lose?  Introduce yourself to someone you admire! Tell them how they’ve inspired you. Ask for a piece of advice. And let us know how it goes.

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This is the amazing thing that happened to me – I wrote an email to one of my favorite authors, Hong Kong based Sri Lankan Nury Vittachi, asking him if he would take some time out of his busy schedule to talk to some students.  Amazingly, he replied within the hour!  And with an affirmative response.  The students had a blast with him and the talk inspired many of us to continue squeezing out our creative juices for the betterment of the world through stories.

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almost 3 years ago jay g said:

This is so incredible. I’ve been thinking about reaching out to one of my favorite authors as well. You have definitely given me the extra push I needed!

almost 3 years ago chief hopper said:

@jay g Just do it! After actually meeting Nury Vittachi, I was just amazed by how much we can now do because of the internet. I can’t imagine how I would have even been able to reach him were it not for email (and google- “to find him / his contact info”). I think, for the most part, people will go out of their way to do kind deeds if they know that there is honest and genuine need on the other side.


I love this…:) 

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Haven’t done this but am definitely inspired by it!! Great idea!

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About a month ago, I reached out to Adora Svitak, who has been a story writer and blogger since age 7 and now strives to create an education system in which children are recognized for the innovative capacities they have. I am a huge fan, since I think too often students' voices are silenced in discussion of education reform, and not enough action is happening to help children participate in social innovation. Her mom wrote back to me, and now I have joined a Facebook group of students like Adora that inspire me greatly. I am also working with students from my university to try and bring Adora to campus to speak. 

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I'll do it!

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