Mental Health and Social Movements

If world change starts with self mastery, how can we build a movement that encourages people to be more introspective, intentional and conscious?
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On January 18, 2012, I organized a walkthrough of Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Chicago Heights, Illinois, as a student and active member of the American Drafting and Design Association, Chapter of ITT Technical Institute in Orland Park. The purpose is a fundraising effort combined with our ability to apply our design, theory, methods and Autodesk principles to make the store more shop able for customers.  I am sharing our mission with you, to help build jobs in America through marketing American products and services.  Help raise funds for Habitat for Humanity and encourage building revenue in your community.  In your town, the term ReStore can be exchanged for thrift, resale, garage sale, or waste.


Merchandise throughout these stores are from rehabbed homes, donated materials left over from job sites and donated materials from communities.  ReStore's volunteer mission is to keep these materials from landfills, in turn it offers them additional funding for Habitat for Humanity’s efforts.


Overall, the merchandise found in these stores may be from all over the world; however, they have already received their money. Any sales of the products in these stores are invested back into the communities where we live and work.  Below is a list of what you can offer and I narrowed it down for the convenience to fit on one page.


Art and energy efficient internship program restores, in a ReStore or next to the ReStore or nearby, that offers shoppers the opportunity to redesign their new found merchandise to match their style and offer American made supplies and products, to help create them.


Open consignment for products that have been purchased and redesigned, offering unknown skilled artists, educators and skilled tradesmen opportunity to renew, restore or repurpose and sell.


Refinish, Refurbish, and Reupholster.  Encourage existing businesses to advertise their skills through purchasing and reselling their fresh, like new products.


Install an internet, snack shop, selling American made fundraising merchandise, in a comfortable green living space for people to look through magazines, ponder and be creatively inspired.


Create a picture board of redesigned materials and award contest winners with assistance to have their products manufactured in the United States.


Generate web development for a visual of in stock and renewed projects from multiple stores.


Auction in store and/or online, to promote and further encourage others to participate in all of the above mentioned, generating the turn of recycled goods, bring out more unknown artists and support education.


I am inviting you to walk through your local Habitat for Humanity's ReStore  as well as, resale shops and thrift stores in your surrounding area in an effort to make them more appealing, shop able for consumers, liven community involvement, educate others and evolve LEED, through the sales of your community’s newly designed American products.


America needs to make money and Americans want American products that will generate revenue in their communities.  Leed by example and supply Americans with a secure environment, to learn, produce and make money for themselves.  Your support, your drive and your education will be contagious, when you pass it to others.  Communicate your ability and efforts to your Department of Economic Development of your State and realize together, you have American Gold!

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I also think that it’s helpful to encourage people to reflect in groups. Reflecting with a regular group of friends and peers who support me gives me more perspective and helps me stick to my goals!

Answered almost 3 years ago laura_white 150 4 from United States
almost 3 years ago jay g said:

Do you think people need more “formal” ways of reflecting in groups? Or, are our everyday “informal” interactions working just fine?

almost 3 years ago laura_white said:

@jay g I think formal ways of reflecting in groups would be very helpful. In fact, I think that this should be part of everyone’s educational experience.


This is a great question and one that I think has so many answers. I can only offer my personal experience and hope it helps…

As someone who survived a massive explosion, which led to a variety of emotional, physical and psychological (not to mention spiritual!) challenges… I realized at one of my lowest points that I had to make it through. I had to get better. I had been “to the bottom of the well” and felt this immense and overwhelming void… I knew I could get out if I worked at it but I didn’t care. I’d given up hope.

Somewhere deep inside of me, something said, “If you give up, they’ll give up.” I woke up the next morning knowing that I had to get better and get out of that dark place so that I could help others.

I certainly wouldn’t say I’ve achieved “self-mastery” but I would offer that I am far more introspective, intentional and conscious than before. But it is a daily process.

People feel their calling at different times in life but I think ultimately when you “be the change you want to see in the world” as Gandhi said… people will see your light and want to find their own. They may not realize it, but that is inevitably what happens. And I DO feel like there is a spiritual movement underway, where more people are becoming ‘seekers’ of truth.

Sometimes we think that we have to already have all the answers and always be “zen” to be a good example but personally, I’m more motivated by watching someone in the process of growth. Essentially, we’re in the movement and you’re already leading by example, even if you don’t know it. :)

Answered almost 3 years ago genevieve chase 32 from United States
almost 3 years ago liza said:

What an inspiring story! I love this thought: “Sometimes we think that we have to already have all the answers and always be “zen” to be a good example but personally, I’m more motivated by watching someone in the process of growth.”


I think this is a great question! I hope that some of our reflective questions here will help. Mental health, especially how we define and treat disorder, seems like one of the largest issues we face in the states right now.

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