is there a quiz i can take to find out what kind of career is good for me and the world

is there a quiz i can take to find out what kind of career is good for me and the world
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I don't know of any specific test yet.. but perhaps that is something that Echoing Green can work on down the line.

Answered almost 3 years ago lgalinsky 5 from United States


Hi Daisy!  Though there isn’t a quiz quite that precise, a couple of resources do come to mind. The first is the VIA Survey of Character Strengths from the Authentic Happiness Testing Center at UPenn. Take this quiz online to help you identify your signature strengths (you do need to create a log in, but it is free!).  The second resource is not exactly a quiz, but gets at the heart of what you are asking for.  It is More Than Money Career’s module series, also available online.

Of course, identifying a career that is both right for you and good for the world is no small task.  A quiz can be a great place to start, but if you really want to dig deep and identify your unique role within the ecosystem of social innovation, I suggest you supplement it with personal reflection and community engagement around the issues and ideas that move you.  Our community questions and challenges were designed to help you to just that.  I hope that they are helpful!

Answered almost 3 years ago linda kay klein 142 4 from United States


It’s not a quiz, but Net Impact is piloting career working groups, where you meet with other people over the course of several weeks to develop a strategy for finding a career with meaning. Perhaps there is a Net Impact group in your area that you could join. 

Answered over 2 years ago laura_white 150 4 from United States