Is there a better way to re-enter society after prison?

What we know

Overall, the U.S. spends more than $60 billion a year on prisons and jails. It costs more than $23,000 a year to incarcerate someone in a Federal facility, approximately $3,500 per year for probation and states can often carry the burden of spending up to $45,000 a year per inmate.  

As a country we have become the number one incarcerator of citizens. This new normal means 1-in-32 Americans will go to prison, with white collar crime seeing a large increase. 

Why we care  

Unexpectedly becoming a part of the new normal showed both Teresa and Laurin Hodge the importance of (1) easy to find re-entry information, (2) programming that addresses rapid social and technical change, and (3) backing to pursue entrepreneurship as a viable route to a livable wage and re-entry dignity. 

From the personal experience of a mother-and-daughter a brand new not-for-profit, Mission: Launch, Inc. was started. 

What we do 

Mission: Launch, Inc. has committed to three focus areas in addressing the needs of the thousands who return back to society everyday: 

A Re-entry Repository | Relevant Training | Entrepreneur Mentorship 

What the $500 will help us do 

With $500 Mission: Launch, Inc. will fund the technology build-out for a national re-entry website listing all of the services, programs and opportunities available to those returning from incarceration. 

The repository for all things re-entry will be a free website designed to promote collaboration among service providers seeking to help women and men post-incarceration as well as the individuals themselves. 

From experience we know information is the difference between a smooth transition home and potentially never recovering. 
The executive team has identified the technology required, built regional partnerships (Washington, D.C. and Baltimore MD) and anticipates a relationship with American University to assist in the early research and knowledge management.  

All that is missing is the start-up dollars to reach out to our community and begin the critical work. 

For more information: www.Mission-Launch.org 

Recent Press: http://www.governor.maryland.gov/blog/?p=5351
*Laurin Hodge, Executive Director, is pictured in the blue dress next to Maryland's Gov. Martin O'Malley for winning a business pitch competition. Mission: Launch, Inc. placed second.  

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