Is social entrepreneurship inborn or it is just something one learns and picks up from school?

Is social entrepreneurship inborn or it is just something one learns and picks up from school?
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I think social entrepreneurship is something we learn along the way as struggle to find solutions to meet the needs of the world today. At one time we though development aid was the solution especially for Africa. But experience has proved us wrong. Un answered questions on being more relevant, demand responsiveness and creating and sustaining big impact have made us rethink our approaches. It would be interesting to learn why social entrepreneurship is receiving a lot of attention today than before. Where there no social entrepreneurs?

Answered almost 2 years ago pitamagara 6 from Uganda


It is both. Social entrepreneurs, whether they know it or not, have that inherent will or calling to make positive contributions to the lives of their communities. Maybe that social entrepreneurship lies dormant until a life lesson or even righteous anger at the problems they see awakens it. You can’t teach/learn the passion that Social Entrepreneurs tend to have.

Answered almost 2 years ago rosie.soul 4 from United Kingdom


I think that it’s contagious, like catching a cold: you learn social entrepreneurship by being around other social entrepreneurs. 

Granted, some of us are naturally more “vulnerable” to catching the spirit of “doing”, and environmental factors probably play a role, too. Just as being tired physically makes you more vulnerable to catching a cold, being exposed to and fed up with social ills makes you more ready to stand up and take action. But if you’ve never witnessed anyone DO something, it’s unlikely that you will, either. This is why it’s so great for young people to be exposed to social entrepreneurs — it just might catch on!
Answered almost 2 years ago aiyana.ehrman 4 from United States