Is it better to sit on a tree or in a car?

Is it better to sit on a tree or in a car?
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It is better to sit on a tree than in a car.
Sitting on a tree provides an opportunity that ensures that one interacts with nature and this environment makes one closely think about conservation measures rather than depleting the resources as compared to someone sitting in a car who only thinks about how he is going to drive fast which will pollute the environment at last.
A person sitting on a tree will get more fresh and clean air since as we all know very well that trees and plants generally purify air through giving us clean oxygen which is a product of photosynthesis

Answered about 2 years ago khafelo 2 from Kenya


Well, in my humble opinion, that depends on many things like: what type of car? why is one seated in that car? what type of tree? why is one in the tree? if you are in a tree trying to survey the land you intend to deforest, it raises a concern :)

Answered about 2 years ago the student 1357 from United States