Is developing African languages for science and technology important for Africa's development?

There was a time Africa had writings documenting science; surgery, chemistry, mathematics. This is what enabled Africans to build the pyramids in South Sudan and Egypt. The Greeks came to schools and learnt at the feet of great African scientists and philosophers. Today the descendants of these Africans do not connect themselves to this ancient greatness. Many African folklore tell of a history that begins with slavery, few claim the Meroe as their heritage, even fewer recognize their link to the ancient Nubians…Is this one of the reasons that Africans cannot see a great self-made future? Is it because they cannot access the knowledge of the ancient Africans? How are we “Re-membering Africa” through language? Is it important?

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Hmmm. You are asking very important questions about who gets to decide what histories we honor. I think it is important to celebrate the past with respect to its true complexity. How do we deal with slavery in Egypt or West African slave traders? One song that I think very beautifully celebrates African heritage is Tarrus Riley’s “Shaka Zulu Pickney.

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Yes and still yes, country can progress a lot with their own language which is going to add a flavor of success in nations. Today no matter this is a harsh reality that we should understand English, as an internationally spoken language, and we should practice that too, but the real fact is mother tongue will brings a revolution if there is a will to adopt. 
Answered over 2 years ago salman ali khan 53 from Pakistan