I need to get back in touch with abbydot , Please see comments below...Thank you

Hi openidaolcommsfrmthoma!
abbeydot commented Will be interested in working on your project on a pro-bono 5
basis. Though, I currently live outside the US, but will most likely spend 2
months in New York sometime later in the year. on the question What Is Your Next
Step Toward Fulfilling Your Purpose?, http://workonpurpose.echoinggreen.org/questions/what-is-your-next-step-toward-fulfilling-your-purpose

I am trying to get back in touch with the above contact abbydot...I have had no other contact from the initial contact... I would very much like to get in touch with abbydot ASAP and start the 100% All Green Muliunit Complex...  I have been doing quite a bit of research... Please contact me with details so that the initial start up can begin.... Please contact ASAP... I hope you are still interested... I really need the help...

Ms Mary Ann Freeman Thomas, 6685 Pratt Rd, Wmsn,  NY  14589



I am waiting patiently please contact ASAP.    Thank you...

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Hello! Try contacting her through her website. http://9japreneurs.wordpress.com/

Answered about 2 years ago echoing green 933 5 from United States
almost 2 years ago openidaolcommsfrmthoma said:

I could not get the website to take my comments Please send this note to Ms Abbeydot……Dear Abbeydot…I have been trying to contact you for a while… I have not been on the internet except when I am at the Library..I just contact Echoing Green and they gave me this website…It seems that you have already been to New York…I did not have any response from you… I had contacted you on Echoing green about a 4 acre lot that I wanted to put a 3 Story 30 unit 100% Energy Efficient Apartment Complex… You had stated that you would help me probono…..I am contacting to see if you are still interested….I am ready to put this project into a new construction that will not only help emplower my own financial situation but will help the entire community by saving the environment through energy efficiency.. I did not know that you are a energy engineer… Please contact me if you are still interested… I would like to work with you…Please contact me at 315-483-4809 Ms Mary Ann Freeman Thomas msfrmthoma@aol.com