I have a non-profit in Zambia and Ghana,670 orphans left by high HIV/AIDS

We give these children support education,books,medicine,food and clothes but we luck many other things like we only have about 10 teachers no chairs in classes and many more.How can i make my foundation move forward and continue to help these orphans with education and the feeding programs?visit us on f/book Central African foundation/Hope for Africa and West African Children Foundation in Ghana.
Thank you.Mazimba
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You can join Global Giving and nominate your organization for their fundraising platform.

Additionally, if you need volunteers to assist with follow-up visits, you can post that need on GlobalGivingTIME – a new online volunteering platform that helps you connect with volunteers.

An exciting new crowdfunding option for small nonprofit organizations is Razoo. You can find detailed information on how Razoo’s program works here.

In addition to the foregoing HOPE worldwide Africa also deals with education and feeding programs for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC). It could be a valuable connection for you. 

HOPE worldwide Africa describes a number of its partnerships. A good place to start would be to carefully review each of the organization’s websites, and then contact each one to see how they might be able to assist.

HOPE worldwide names the following as key partners its OVC work in Africa:

·         The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation (TCCAF)

·         Coca-Cola System representatives throughout Africa

·         Coca-Cola Bottlers in Africa

HOPE worldwide Africa says it is also pursuing partnerships with some of Coca-Cola System’s own partners:

·         Discovery Channel

·         Junior Achievement

·         Nets for Life

·         Global Environment and Technology Foundation (GETF)

Other organizations with which HOPE worldwide Africa has partnered include:

·         CDC

·         USAID

·         Rotarians For Fighting AIDS

·         Massmart (Makro division)

·         Shell Oil

·         MTN

·         AusAID

·         Habitat for Humanity

·         The Global Fund

·         The Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation

·         Citigroup Foundation

·         Project Concern International

Another strategy HOPE worldwide Africa notes has been crucial to their success in Africa in the OVC area has been developing strong government partnerships -- serving on National OVC Committees and in OVC Working Groups at the national level and forming partnerships with local communities.

Also, take a look at Ghana Children’s Fund, Inc. (GCF) website. GCF is a non-profit organization in New Canaan, Connecticut committed to the health, welfare, and education of OVC in Ghana. It was founded by David and Lisa Tuttle in 2010; the Tuttles might be a good connection for you. Even kids in the U.S. are helping GCF raise money for children in Ghana: Hope 4 Ghana, a club run by the kids at New Canaan High School, sponsored 2 students to attend the senior high school in Ghana; the students each received a scholarship to cover the $1,000 annual fee for tuition, room and board, and transportation. Just before his bar mitzvah, another New Canaan youth raised enough money to provide health insurance for all 400 students at the orphanage and school in Ghana, cover insurance co-pays, and buy medicines! 

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