I am a development professional w 12-year experience in Serbia. How to reach a job in the US?

I am a cultural anthropologist (MA from Arizona state University, Tempe) and I have been working on social inclusion and promotion of social innovation/enterprises in Serbia and the Balkans. I am committed to social impact through socio-economic empowerment and interlinking of miltidisciplinary approaches and stakeholders. I believe that the purpose of my engagement is connecting my different experiences, backgrounds, agents of change with whom I cooperate, anthropology, business and social change. I am convinced that the conjunction of all of these planes creates significant opportunities for social innovation.
 I want to upgrade/upscale my experience through social innovation and social impact jobs in the US, do you know who would be interested in my experience and grant me with a job opportunity?

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Thanks for posting this question, Gaia. We encourage you to check out this month’s listing of social impact jobs, found here: http://www.echoinggreen.org/blog/social-impact-jobs-july-2012

Answered over 2 years ago echoing green 933 5 from United States