How will my community look like if Government is working well?

Otukpo community needs safe drinking water from me and some concerned youth in Otukpo. Otukpo is a community in Benue State, North Central of Nigeria. Otukpo is the part of the World I live in. We the youth have organized ourselves at the Bridge Youth Empowerment Organization to pursue a dream to bring safe portable drinking water to ourselves and people living in our community before the end of 2013. This is an idea we are just initiating. Therefore, we will spend the $ 500 doing research and gathering as much information we need to strategically engage our elected officials. The information will enable us collaborate with our government to bring about safe drinking water in Otukpo community. Some of the money will be used to purchase megaphone, print fliers for awareness creation and also help us in transport expenses to meet and engage our elected officials.

 Nothing happens when nobody does anything. We have chosen to do something and that is to bring safe water for our people to relief the pain and suffering we all go through during dry season like now. We believe Government has capacity and the will to deliver, so we want to help Government deliver.

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This sounds like a great endeavor, and I encourage you to move forward with it. Safe, portable drinking water should be available to everyone, regardless of their location in the world. I think you want to put this in response to the $500 question though (you’ve put this in the wrong spot, I think).

Engaging with your elected officials has an extraordinary capacity to make a difference, especially if you have people behind you. Ask a few of the older adults in your community to tell you who the powerful people in the government. Use your resources (whether it’s $500 or not) to speak to others about safe, portable drinking water. Find out who cares about this issue. Identify your supporters and gather them either in-person or by having them sign a petition. If you’re not familiar, petitions are a statement (for example: “we want safe drinking water”) followed by the names and signatures of those who support that statement (people like you and your friends). Take your petition to the powerful people in the government and respectfully express your interests (do not make demands – help them understand what you and your fellow supporters think). 

Good luck. If I had the money, I’d give it to you myself. Every person deserves safe drinking water…. You can do this without money, but it will be a bit harder. Good luck!
Answered about 2 years ago jchen 26 from United States