How do you manage your passions?

Often I struggle about which of my passions I should dedicate my career to, since they seem to require different paths. I fantasize about creating a preschool program someday, but I also dream of running a social entrepreneurship training and education program, or working for a world-changing social enterprise. I have just graduated from college, and I wonder - do I have to choose now? At what point do I choose? Do I ever have to decide which passion to follow, or can I do it all? I would love to get some advice from people who are experiencing this dilemma or have gone through this before. Thanks!
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Hi Laura,

I understand your predicament because I have been through this stage before.

I will advice you to take out time to outline your passions on a piece of paper, including your short term, medium term and long term career goals. Then, you will be able to match your passions with these goals and move to the next level as time progresses.

Also note that you have to consider the resources you have at you disposal in order to make the best decisions at every point in time. Remember that like money, all resources have their time value and will give you the greatest value when deployed at the best time.

Hope this helps.


Answered over 2 years ago abbeydot 26 from NG


Good day Laura

Passion is that inner thought which will remain is the sub-conscious mind of the person for ever. Passion is going to increase with the thinking capacity as it  move forward with a pace. The only thing  passion required is a commitment as well as dedication, to take that aim into action, but it needs time, eventually the passionate people will success in making their dreams come true. Trouble and difficulties are the part of life. My passion is to educate the children whose parents are not in a position to hold the burden , but still I am focusing to make my dream a reality, I have started my work too but the process is slow, still I am sure to meet the challenges. After all we are in this world to bring some smile on the people who have forgotten to smile. 

Lastly I must say that, hope is  only the true ingredient of ones life, so be positive in your approach I am sure one day you will make people smile. Believe in your self try hard to hit the target.
God bless you.
Answered over 2 years ago salman ali khan 53 from Pakistan


Embrace the interdisciplinary! As a fellow recent grad, I’ve run into the same dilemma. The key is to think creatively about how you can merge your seemingly at-odds passions. You can experience the thrill of entrepreneurship by creating a pre-K program; you can gain the skills to do that by getting some experience at a larger social enterprise.

Keep in mind that a) you need to get paid and b) you don’t have to work at the same place forever. Let everything else fall into place from there.
Answered about 2 years ago jordanschermer 94 from United States