How do i follow up support for social transformation in my community?

I head a community Based Organization called Hope for Mothers and Children's Agency(HOMACA). Its operating in Rubirizi District, Uganda, East Africa.
Our main focus is Livelihood support among the volnable families with focus on Education, Health care and Nutrition.
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Children under the age of 18 years constitute 57.4% of Uganda’s 30.7 million people (Uganda National Strategic Programme plan of intervention for orphans and other vulnerable children 2011/12-2015/16 report). Despite children representing a significant majority of Uganda’s population, they are the most vulnerable groups. Of Uganda’s 31% under the poverty threshold, 62% are children. The OVC situation analysis report 2010 places the level of vulnerability among the children in Uganda at 96%. The high level of vulnerability is largely attributed to poverty and HIV and AIDS.


To give the overview of the magnitude of child vulnerability in Uganda, children constitute 57.4 percent of then UNHS (Uganda National Housing Survey) 2009/2010. Uganda’s total population is now approximately 34 million people, prompting us to think that the percentage of vulnerable children has increased with the general increase in total population. The 2009/2010 report estimated 17.1 million children below the age of 18 years of whom 14% (2.43 million) have been orphaned, 45.6% of the orphans are due to HIV and AIDS and 105,000 children between the ages of 0-14 are HIV positive.


Approximately 51% (8.1 million children) are either critically or moderately vulnerable, while 63% live with caregivers other than their biological parents. Currently, at least one of in every four households has an orphan, and 3 million children live below poverty line. The HIV and AIDS Epidemiological Surveillance Report, MoH (Ministry of Health) shows that a total of 120,000 children (0-14) had died of AIDS related complications, while the number of those living with HIV and AIDS is 42,140.


Rubirizi district that houses Hope for Mothers and Children Agency (HOMACA) is located in South Western Uganda which has 98.1% total vulnerability. (OVC situation Analysis Report, Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, 2010)

HOMACA was formed in 2009 and registered with district local government to obtain a registration certificate in 2012 to strengthen its operations.

HOMACA is doing work to improve the livelihood of children and young mothers in the District, with focus on four main areas of Education, Health, child legal protection and Nutrition support among the vulnerable families.


HOMACA has been successful in implementing its activities through partnerships with other Community Based Organizations (CBO’s) that are doing related work in other parts of the country. Cases in point are; THRIVE Uganda and COVOID operating in Kalungu and Rubirizi Districts respectively.


However HOMACA is facing challenges in various areas, but these ones need to be addressed urgently;

  • HOMACA needs extended support inform of donation from both internal and external partners, individuals and charity organizations.
  • HOMACA needs capacity building inform of Information Communication Systems and development of a website.
  • HOMACA needs more volunteers from and around the world due to a very limited number of staff.

Despite of such challenges, we are committed to transform communities to better and improved livelihoods.



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It sounds like you are doing very important work for your community. What exactly do you mean by follow up? Can you share some more details of your work so that our community can better understand what you need help with? I look forward to hearing more about your work.

Answered over 2 years ago echoing green 933 5 from United States


i would like to learn how to eradicate poverty in developping countries.

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Here are some suggestions that might help you in finding the resources to meet the needs you described in your answer below regarding website design and hosting, fundraising, and volunteer assistance:

A couple of years ago, Lin Hightower, an art professor at Kennesaw State University (KSU) in Georgia (USA), launched the KSU International Student Website Design project to engage her digital design students in creating professional websites for small nonprofit organizations around the world.  You can learn more about this project here and here.

Student-created websites include: U.S.-based 4Girls GLocal Leadership (4GGL); Destiny Reflection / Destiny Foundation in India; Sabore’s Wells in Kenya; Women’s Initiative for Sustainable Environment (WISE) in Nigeria; and Kikyusa Integrated Development Organization (KIDO), Save Integrated Business & Traders Association (SIBTA), and GoodSamaritan Women’s Project (GSWP) in Uganda.

This fall, Prof. Hightower partnered with Global Giving to provide websites for four more nonprofit organizations and established a formal nomination/application and selection process. Applicants submitted an initial expression of interest form in late March; qualified organizations were then asked to submit an application form the next month. Selected organizations began working with the students on their websites in September; the design process will continue through the end of the semester. (Announcement of next spring’s application schedule has not been released yet, but I would start checking the Global Giving site in February/March.) It might be worth investigating whether there are other universities and/or art schools running similar programs.

Doteasy offers free webhosting and other tools.

Here is an article about Pro Bono [Website] Designs for Non-Profits and Charities, Part 1 and Part 2, which might give you a few ideas as well.

An exciting new crowdfunding option for small nonprofit organizations is Razoo. You can find detailed information on how Razoo’s program works here.

You can also join Global Giving and nominate your organization for their fundraising platform and post your needs on GlobalGivingTIME – a new online volunteering platform that helps you connect with volunteers.

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