How can I touch those in power to provide support for the arts in inner city schools?

The lost of the arts in our schools in the African American communities takes away the vehicle that encourages imagination, creativity, hope and the ability for our kids to learn how to think outside the box.
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This is such an important issue. I don’t have personal experience touching very many people in power, but I have seen some interesting solutions that avoid needing that access altogether. One program that has really moved me is DonorsChoose.org. They are one of Echoing Green’s amazing partner organizations. The work they do allows individuals to put funds directly into classrooms, totally bypassing any sort of governmental bureaucracy. Different teachers need supplies for different subjects and activities and utilize the DC platform to access those resources. Many teachers are seeking help to do exactly what you mention, keep arts education as a vital part of public school.

If there’s a specific issue you want to bring to those in power, maybe more traditional advocacy work is what you need. Change.org is one option for starting awareness and advocacy campaigns. Their petition based approach has been wildly successful in the past.

Is there a specific school district or city you are most interested in working in?

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