How can I succeed without capital?

Desire, Dreams, and Imagination, are words that can be used much in the analysis of the term success. I have a dream of starting a venture known as The Connectors. The Connectors aims at solving all peoples problems by applying the Master Mind Principle and the Cooperation Principle. The Organization will be run by creative people where all peoples talents will be linked together.

It will call all people who have talents and want to develop them or have them but have not yet discovered them but want discover them. The Organization aims at making a link or connection between Rural Producers and Urban Consumers, Professionals and Non Professional,  Employed and Unemployed,Youth and Elders, Talented and Non Talented, Able and Disabled in a very harmonious platform.

This is the entrepreneurial idea that aims much on improving the welfare of all people in the world by working in the areas where one likes. Any participant will freely choose the department where one is fit for nad will get paid according to what one does per day or hour(fair profit share). This will help people discover opportunities in the organization and the world at large.

What has made difficult is how to get started because am in college but lack capital to register the Venture and start working soon.
Best regard,
Nicholaus Mlangwa
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Hi Nick,

I will advice you to keep fine-tuning the idea. Even though you do not have capital right now, you can try our a pilot phase with just one or two people even in your college environment. From this pilot testing, you will be able to learn what works and what needs to be improved upon.

Just keep at it and practice your pitch. Remember that you must be ready to pitch your idea to anyone at all times. Imagine if you met a willing investor in the elevator, will you be able to sell your idea to him/her convincingly from the time you step into the elevator through the ride up to the 10th floor.

Think about it 
Answered over 2 years ago abbeydot 26 from NG
over 2 years ago nicholaus mlangwa said:

Hi Abbey…thank you very much for your suggestion I will work on it. Let us get together and unite. Thanks and good day