How can I make my Social Entrepreneurship Academy a success?

I need ideas in replicable income generating projects or activities, advocacy, and how I can network with other organisations in the same area.
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Social Entrepreneurship Academy (SEA), the first such institution in Zimbabwe, is the brain child of Support to Education Systems in Zimbabwe - STESIZ Agency an upcoming local private voluntary organization (PVO) whose main goal is “to enhance the capacity of Social Entrepreneurs to become effective service providers, empower the rural and urban poor to become confident decision makers and educate Orphaned and Vulnerable Children to become self-sufficient contributing members of the society”.

In line with its second objective of “Empowering education institutions to become efficient, self-sustainable and quality producing institutions throughout Zimbabwe, SEA is planning to hold a two-day workshop in Masvingo, Zimbabwe, in September 2012 for education leaders in the province. The aim of this workshop is to seek tailor-made ways of turning around underperforming schools in the province. The need for the workshop came about due to the fact that 51 primary schools in the province recorded a zero percent pass rate in 2011.

The $500 will go a long way in covering costs of sending invitation letters to remote schools, booking the venue for the workshop and preparing documents for materials that would have been discussed during the workshop.

 The proposed budget for the workshop is as follows:

ü  Invitation letters (100 envelopes and stamps) $100

ü  Telephone calls & e-mails                               $  30

ü  Venue (including teas and lunch)                   $600

ü  PA system and video camera hire                 $200

ü  Workshop printed material                          $ 100

ü  Post-workshop document s                          $100

ü  Total budget                                             $1,130

 Some schools do not have telephone or internet connections hence the need for letters to be written to them. The balance of the budget will be sourced from personal sources and from the business community in the province. If not enough money is raised by the time of the workshop negotiations will be made with the venue providers so that the balance can be paid through  instalments, after the workshop,  until it is  finished.

At least more than 500,000 pupils in schools around the province will benefit through this workshop. The workshops will be replicated in other 9 provinces throughout the country once the first one is successful.    

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Without knowing what your local area and population is like that’s a bit difficult to answer. Since it’s and entrepreneurship academy (and by the way congratulations i wish you all the success), holding a brain storming session with a group of your teachers and students and let all ideas flow without judging any of them. Allow the creative aspects of everyone’s abilities to flow writing all of them down. Then pick the ideas that solve the biggest problems for the largest group of people and start to offer solutions to that niche. I’d love for you to contact me as i teach about how people can tap into their own Data Bank of Genius and would love to volunteer my help for you in your endeavors. Here’s my website and contact details.

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