How can i get funds for my entrepreneurship education at the college?

How can i get funds for my entrepreneurship development education to empower for effective implementation of my enterprise development project?
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Do you mean you are  looking for funds to help you learn about entrepreneurship, or that you want funds to launch a social venture?

One great way to go could be finding an entrepreneur to work for, instead of taking classes. That way, you could be getting paid to learn the same things you would otherwise have to pay for.

What is your enterprise development project?

Answered about 2 years ago tallybower 289 3 from United States


I suggest you contact the Youth Entrepreneurship Facility (YEF) Africa at the UN Office in Nairobi. Entrepreneurship education and enabling access to finance and business development services are among the key components of YEF’s “Unleashing African Entrepreneurship Initiative.” Their address and contact information is on their website, along with detailed information on a number of their programs  http://www.yefafrica.org/index.php?do=/yeahome/

Answered about 2 years ago exdir1 143 from United States