How can a sustainable start up be a "lean start-up," too?

Remembering that the goal of a start-up is to create a product or service that people want and need, and the goal of a socially responsive start-up is to create a such a product or service that supports both its consumers and society at large, what mechanisms within a socially responsive, lean start-up business should be put in place at outset to enable feed back on both consumers and on social good?
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Hello Takoma,
Interesting question indeed!
I’m the cofounder of Projektae.com, a social enterprise (English website coming soon!). Our purpose is to support social entrepreneurs at pre-startup and start-up phases by enabling them to transform their ideas of societal change into concrete and impactful projects or social ventures. I think lean start-up methodologies and social entrepreneurship are very much related. As a social or sustainable start-up entrepreneur, one is by definition a social innovator working in a very risky environment where developing a MVP or ‘MVS’ -if I may say so for Minimum Viable Service- is the key to assure both economical and social/environmental impacts -or is to assess the initial track to impact- at the very beginning of the project. As the goal of a sustainable start-up is to create this impact through change -or change through impact!–, it should implement this following loop from the get-go: identify, prototype, validate -and pivot!
1. Identify both customers&needs + beneficiaries&needs (Customers and beneficiaries may or may not be the same target clientele)
2. Prototyping theory of change or what we call “responsible utopia” at Projektae -with insights from the field at beneficiaries identification phase: What/Where/Who do you want to impact + How are you connecting/cooperating with others to impact + How you’re going to measure your impact
3. Prototyping service/product with insights from the field at customers identification phase
4. Validating theory of change: Are your beneficiaries involved? Do they have the same vision as your startup? How do they perceive the change (both what is needed and what is envisionned for the future)?
5. Validating product/service
And then you’re ready to launch!
Hope this adds to the discussion.
Projektae designed and is now offering a workshop called ‘Bop Social’ which is exactly doing that by enabling social entrepreneurs to launch their project/venture, so don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions.

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