Have you heard about social business / entrepreneurs in the food sector?

Hej everyone,
I am a student writing his master thesis about social businesses in the German food sector. So far I found these companies - LemonAid , Coffeecircle, Viva con Agua, Quatiermeister, Premium Cola and Baobab - fitting exactly the definition of companies I am looking for.
If anyone of you know social businesses/entrepreneurs that offer food or/and beverages on the German food market to support social projects and solve social issues, please write a comment or send me a message. Otherwise just feel inspired by this approach of social business.
I am grateful for every response!
Best regards,
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Hey Kåre- I cant think of any German specific food oriented social entrepreneurs, but you might be interested in some of the new Echoing Green Fellows. In particular, I think you should check out Stockbox Grocers. Stockbox Grocers believes that every community should have access to good food, to promote healthful living, social equity, and economic vibrancy.  They improve access by placing small-format neighborhood grocery stores throughout urban communities, to offer fresh produce, meal solutions, and grocery staples.

I would love to hear if anyone is doing similar work in Germany.

Check them out! http://www.echoinggreen.org/blog/meet-the-2012-echoing-green-fellows .

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over 2 years ago kårekristiansen said:

Thanks a lot for your reply! If I do understand the concept right, there are already many grocers of that type in Germany. Those are acutally more common than the big malls you have in the US. All in all Germany experiences an increasing trend of organic, fair traded and regional produced food since approx. 10 years. Appreciable is the brewery development in the US from a few major breweries to many micro breweries. By that the beer selection gets multifarious. The worlds best beer award was won by a microbrewery in California (I think). With that have a nice day!