Does Echoing Green provide grants / scholarships for an idea that's still an idea?

I read through the FAQs but I did not find the answer to this question: If I have an idea for a non-profit organisation in India, for which I know I need to build a proper business proposal and for which in turn I need to do a lot of research and skill building - then - can I apply for an Echoing Green aid in order to fund my education in the area and then spend the time to come up with the actual business plan. Or, is this out of scope for Echoing Green scholarships / grants.

Thank you in advance for clarifying.

Best regards
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We fund many nascent organizations that are “just ideas.” But, we fund people who are ready to bring those ideas into the world. Finishing your education to gain the skills you feel you need to begin your organization is outside of the scope of our grants. If you spend the next few years doing that research and skill building, Echoing Green might be a great fit for helping you start your organization. Does that make more sense? If you have more questions or need some clarity, just let me know. 

Answered almost 3 years ago tallybower 289 3 from United States
almost 3 years ago deepika.nagabhushan said:

Thank you for your response. I thought as much that this would be the case, but I just wanted to be sure. I will surely get back in touch with Echoing Green when I have my project plan in place. I got to know of Echoing Green from the website of the institution that I am planning to apply to this yr. Deepika