Creative help with construction ideas

I need some help from the crowd.  I am not creative.  I’m an engineer/construction project manager, I’m bred to be uncreative.

I’m tired of what I do.  I go to work, and I kill myself to make dishonest people money.  I try to be 100% honest because honesty is very important to me.  Paramount.

Anyway, I want to leverage my considerable skills in commercial, heavy, industrial, and residential construction management to do some good in my community.  I live in Central Pennsylvania, and am not willing to move.  I need help with ideas.  I’m hard working, honest, intelligent, and stubborn.  I’m willing to start a business, I’m eager to start a business, but I’m falling short on what the business could do to help.  

Any ideas welcome, please help me.
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In addition to Habitat for Humanity check out Architecture for Humanity – http://architectureforhumanity.org! They don’t have as extensive a network of opportunities as Habitat but they do great work and their projects often need extra help on the construction & project management sides of things. Looking through their current & past projects might also give you ideas on the kinds of things you could work on in your own community. You might also enjoy reading about 2004 Echoing Green Fellow Dr. Elizabeth Hausler who started Build Change, an organization that works to design earthquake resistant buildings and trains local leaders to build them: http://www.buildchange.org/

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I am on the opposite situation – I have the ideas and the communication skills but I lack the project managing knowledge. Maybe we should start brainstorming so we can help each other?

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And this is how connections happen!


Hey Nick- It sounds like you have a great set of technical skills, but that it is not really clear where you could use them that would feel better then your current job set up. I’m sure you are busy working and don’t have a ton of extra time. I wonder if there isn’t a way to find some time to volunteer your skills with people doing some building projects for good. My first thought is the Pennsylvania Habitat for Humanity affiliates- they are constantly doing construction projects and I am sure they could use some help from someone with your expertise. I found a list of Habitat people are you here http://www.habitat.org/cd/local/affiliate.aspx?place=61 maybe make a few calls and see if there isn’t a project you could help on- maybe organizing projects for them could become a full time job? If I’m totally off base- let me know – but this seems like a good start, right? I’m sure lots of people all over the world could use the skills you have for building and project management, but if you want to stay close to home this seems like a good way to go.

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Hi Nick,

I don’t know if you are still looking for business ideas, but, if you are, take a look at Construction Innovator, Winter 2012 <http://construction.calpoly.edu/alumni/documents/cm-magazine-w-12.pdf>  Could you incorporate, adapt, or, perhaps, even combine, the ideas discussed there re industry-specific mentorship and real-time collaboration using the web-based Building Information Modeling (BIM) tool (i.e., the Onuma Planning System (OPS)) into developing your own business?
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