Can you work on purpose AND pay the rent?

This is a question I am asked in Work on Purpose workshops all the time.  I have my answer (yes) and my reasons (like that we live in an age in which young people demand doing both good and well, and the job market is adapting in response). But I am am always more fascinated by how others in the workshop answer this question than how I answer.  So what do you think?  Can we?  Why or why not?
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I think part of the struggle that comes in answering this question are the comparisons we make.  There is this assumption that folks working in a for-profit company that only focuses on the bottom line are raking in tons of money.  The truth is, at least from my experience, the difference in pay/benefits is not as extreme as folks make it out to be.  

Additionally, there isn’t much exploration on how people can do good.  You can work for a nonprofit (as I do) and get paid well.  Your pay, as in the for-profit sector, is determined by the size of the organization, the field, and your level of specialization.  However, you really can do good in a variety of ways.  If you desire a certain salary, there is noting wrong with doing research and figuring out how to obtain what you want without sacrificing your desire to do good.
Answered over 2 years ago allison jones 22 from United States


I think that this HBR blog post provides a very practical perspective on making money and following your passion. 

Answered over 2 years ago laura_white 150 4 from United States
about 2 years ago exdir1 said:

I agree. Good article. Thanks for sharing it.


Interesting. Purpose is not a pause factor its on going process, if you work with a cause you pay the bill and take the rent , pass a happy life.

Answered over 2 years ago salman ali khan 53 from Pakistan


I think this is a really challenging question. Maybe it is about finding a balance between work you do for money, and work you do that matters. If you are lucky maybe they can be the same thing!

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Yes! But you can’t sit around and wait for somebody else to find the money. Apply for grants yourself, find ways to assemble a viable business model. Put in the hard work to pay yourself.

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