It’s back to school time. Whether you are going back to a formal school, taking a class, or self-organizing a learning opportunity, what do you want-


  What I need to learn next is how to make money as a writer. I have comitted by faith with obedience and guidance from The LORD JESUS CHRIST to be a writer for The LORD JESUS CHRIST. I have been Blessed from The LORD JESUS CHRIST to write many articles concerning the Gospel of The LORD JESUS CHRIST, a book called “Sabbath Day”, a poem called “Freedom”, many grant proposals, an article called “The Three Risks of Experimenting with Cigarettes”, and academic papers and essays in the fields of political science, philosophy, and public speaking. This is what I need to learn to do immediately, I would do whatever it takes without gaining the world and loosing my soul. 

Answered over 2 years ago ceecee 6 from United States