When it comes to finding a career that’s right for you and good for the world, you have to know your strengths.  A key to the success of our Echoing Green Fellows, for example, is their ability to uncover and focus on what they rock at.  (They often fill in the holes in their expertise by supplementing them with talented people on their team.) It’s a simple formula for impact. With that in mind, we want to know, what are you good at?

Photo: joelkelly


I’m not quite sure what to call my best feature but let’s just say I’m really great at making friends. I have always enjoyed engaging in conversation with new people to learn more about their stories and to get a better understanding of who they are. In turn, I feel like most people can appreciate my genuine interest in them and feel comfortable enough to exchange their ideas without holding back or feeling judged. It is experiences like these that have allowed me to find meaning in the work I have done so far and will hopefully be the driving force to find my ultimate purpose. Having met so many different people along my college career, I realize I am fortunate to have these communication skills and would simply like to help others develop their voices too.

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