When it comes to finding a career that’s right for you and good for the world, you have to know your strengths.  A key to the success of our Echoing Green Fellows, for example, is their ability to uncover and focus on what they rock at.  (They often fill in the holes in their expertise by supplementing them with talented people on their team.) It’s a simple formula for impact. With that in mind, we want to know, what are you good at?

Photo: joelkelly


I’m best at bringing smiles to those around me. I believe that even though I may have things going on in my life, keeping those around me happy is always a huge priority. It makes me happy when my family and friends are happy. It’s uplifting to give. I believe in good karma. I feel that being the best me that I can to those around me will eventually come back to me in good deeds, at least I’m hoping.

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